Topiary2 Flower Arrangement

Flower Arrangement:


Materials Used:

Daisies or Flower of your choice

Angles breath



¾ meter and ½ meter stick


Floral foam



  1. Assemble the pot or vase that you’re going to use and insert the stick make sure that it is stable or can support the weight of the flowers.
  2. Soak floral foam for 30 minutes and form it into round and attached it above the stick.
  3. Cut all flowers for 2 inches with diagonal ends.
  4. Insert it in the floral foam starting at the center make a ring form first.
  5. Then followed by the upper side of the floral foam forming a dome shape.
  6. Add accessories and foliage.

Topiary is good for wedding decorations.

Tall arrangements such as topiary are also used in buffet tables in which you want your arrangement be seen by the guest.

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