Traditional Siamese Cats

Characteristics Of The Traditional Siamese Cat

Siamese cats are very well known and well loved cats. They are usually recognized due to their light coat and darker points. Traditional Siamese cats differ greatly from the modern Siamese cats of today. Both breeds stem from the original Siamese cats from Siam, which are legendary.

Traditional Siamese Cats
Traditional Siamese Cats

Appearance Of Traditional Siamese Cats

Traditional Siamese cats are of bigger bodies than the modern version of Siamese cats. The have bigger heads, which earned them the nickname “apple heads” and have a more muscular body than modern Siamese cats. Compared to the modern Siamese cats, the traditional Siamese cats have a more striking color contrast with their seal points and their lighter colored bodies. As with modern Siamese cats, traditional Siamese cats also have beautiful blue eyes.

Some, if not most, traditional Siamese cats have kinks in their tails. This is a genetic trait that has been eradicated from the modern Siamese cat version. Another common traditional Siamese cat characteristic is its tendency to have a cross-eyed appearance. This trait has also been bred out of the modern Siamese cat. Not all traditional Siamese cats have the kink in the tail or the cross-eyed appearance.

Traditional Siamese cats also have more proportionate ears and shorter legs than the modern Siamese cats. Most Siamese cats, whether traditional Siamese cats or modern, are very fond of people and like nothing better than to spend their time with their family of humans. They are susceptible to hearing loss or deafness and are not suitable to be outside for long periods of time.

Brief History Of Siamese Cats

The history of all Siamese cats starts in Thailand, which was then called Siam. Legend has it that these cats were either guardians of a sacred temple or valued pets of the Siamese royalty. The traditional Siamese cats also figure in a local legend that tells how the cats got their kink in the tails. A British Consul General brought the cats to the United Kingdom. The pair that the Consul General brought gave birth and the offspring caused much admiration and envy thus sparking an immense interest in the breed. Several other cats were brought from Siam and these original cats are the common gene pool of most Siamese cats in the United Kingdom now.

Some breeders have selectively bred the Siamese into the modern version that is now present today. This version is more popular then the traditional one but there are also many other cat fanciers that prefer the traditional version.

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