Traps that snare many SAHM's

The Lure

The Bait:

Many women, by choice or circumstance, find themselves looking for a way to make money while staying home with their Children (or Grand children.) Many "Get Rick Quick" schemers, and pyramid companies seize on the vulnerability and need of these women.

Being a self employed Mom, and Grandma, I decided to join some sites for Mothers who work at home. My personal definition of running a business is exactly what I am doing...Putting my company out there, taking chances, and yes, spending money (Web sites, domain names, obtaining toll free numbers, etc.) While I have found some women do share my idea of owning a business, albeit online, some have been lured into programs and "businesses" which only cause them frustration and earn them no extra income.

The Lures:

Beware, current and Future SAHM's, of the following "Lures" used in most scams.

  • "Make thousands of dollars a month staying home!" One saying that always rings true, is "if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is." That is the case with these ads. No one, and I mean NO ONE starts from scratch and suddenly finds themselves Millionaires. It takes hard work, dedication, time and resources to build an online business.
  • "Start Your OWN business for only $1" I assure you it is not the hapless SAHM who will be making money here. It is whomever is collecting that $1 from every one who sends in that dollar.
  • "Get rich selling on eBay!"Okay, I'll admit, I sell on eBay, but I sure have not gotten rich doing so! Most people, if lucky, make some extra cash on eBay. If you are not careful, however, you can end up spending more than you are making, thus reaping the actual rewards for the Giant online auction company (and other similar sites.)
  • Make money and friends telling people about something you love." Sorry, this is just another lure to get YOU to do that advertising and work for someone else who will be making the actual money. While it IS possible to create a business from something you love, these companies are going to tell YOU what you love, and then have you work and advertise for them to bring in more unsuspecting SAHM's.
  • "Earn money while filling out fun surveys!" In most cases, what you should be reading here is " Let us waste a lot of your time, and fill your computer with spy-ware and spam!!" Again, there are SOME legit companies out there, but they are few and far between.


Unfortunately, more often than not, the above mentioned ads are meant to trick you into bringing more people into someone else's business! It's called a "down-line" You start telling people how much you love selling their product, and trying to recruit other people into "owning" the same business. Don't you see, it is not YOU making the money, it is YOU doing the work, and the advertising. They tell you that you will make more money for every recruit, then you will make money off of the recruits of your recruit! Wow, that's amazing. No, that's crap.

The Facts:

It is possible to start your own business, from home, and online. There is no disputing that. It will take, however, money, time (LOTS of time,) dedication (your business WILL require most of your focus, especially in the beginning.) and patience. The sad truth is most businesses fail within the first year. If it is true that Necessity is the mother of invention, then it may also be true that desperation is the mother of all scams!

What to do

The bottom line is; If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. There is no such thing as "Get rich quick" and Multi level marketing (MLM) is making money for someone else.

What to do if you fall victim to scams:

Unfortunately, laws are just beginning to tighten on MLM's or work at home schemes. Remember they prey on vulnerability. Educate yourself. Realize that if someone could get rich at home, no one would go out to work!

Although there are some ways to make extra money from home, as indicated above, don't let yourself be suckered into doing all of the work, recruiting and advertising for a Company that will reap the benifits and if you are lucky, throw you some pennies.


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