Tricks for Organizing Kitchen Cabinets

If you've been buried by a mountain of mismatched Tupperware, if your cabinets are so stuffed with dishes that you have no idea what you even have anymore, if you keep breaking things just trying to put away your's time to get organized. The great thing about organizing a kitchen is that, unlike other types of organization, buying a special little tool or accessory really will change your life. Here are the top 5 kitchen organization tools I couldn't live without:

#1. Step Shelving

These handy little units are usually made of plastic, but I've seen them in metal, and, if you're handy, you can make your own out of wood. The idea behind these is that rather than stacking canned goods, spices, or other small items, you set them on the "steps." This way, you take advantage of the vertical space in your cabinets, but you can also see everything you have. And, you won't be buried in an avalanche of canned goods when you reach for something! Step shelving usually costs around ten to thirty dollars, depending on the size and material you choose.

#2. Expandable Wire Shelving

These inexpensive organizing wonders have the power to double your storage space. The idea again is utilizing all of the vertical space in our cabinets. So often, we'll have something like a bunch of coffee cups on a shelf, and the six to eight inches above the mugs is totally wasted. By simply slipping one of these expandable shelves into your cabinet, you basically give yourself a whole new shelf to work with. Expandable wire shelving generally costs under ten dollars.

#3. Under-the-Shelf Wire Storage Baskets

In the same vein as #2, above, is the idea of hanging a basket to the bottom of a shelf, meanwhile making use of wasted vertical space. These are perfect for storing items like bowl and pot lids, dishtowels, and packets of gravies or seasoning. I found that they are absolutely perfect for storing baby bottles, which drove me crazy because I knocked them over every time I reached into the cabinet. Once I put them in one of these baskets, they were contained and out of my way. Under-the-shelf baskets cost less than ten dollars apiece.

#4. Sorters/Dividers

These are basically larger versions of the small plastic dividers you use to sort bills and mail. They are usually made of plastic or plastic-coated wire, and they are large enough to store items like pot lids, baking sheets, serving platters, or muffin pans. Storing them upright rather than stacking does two things: it saves space and it prevents you from having to dig through everything when you want that cookie sheet that always happens to be on the bottom. These cost around five to ten dollars.

#5. Flatware Sorters

These are the plastic or metal trays that you put in the utensil drawer to sort your flatware. They're perfect for that, of course, but they're also great for organizing that "junk drawer" that every kitchen seems to have. Put tools in one area of the sorter, candles in another, and all of those miscellaneous screws, nails, and washers that we seem to end up with in yet another one. You'll still have a "junk drawer," but now when you need to find something in there, you won't have to empty the whole thing to get to it!

There they are: my top five picks for kitchen organizing tools. They're inexpensive, and they will change your life. How often do you hear that?

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Amanda Kendle profile image

Amanda Kendle 9 years ago from Perth

I've just moved house and your tips sound great, but what I really wish I had is a fairy godmother who'd just come and do it all for me ... any takers??!!

C.M. Vanderlinden profile image

C.M. Vanderlinden 9 years ago from Metro Detroit Author

LOL A fairy godmother would be great! But, then what would I write about? ;-)

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