Types Of Siamese Cats

The Two General Types Of Siamese Cats

Siamese cats are very popular cats and they are among the most highly recognizable breed in the world because of their dark points. You might then be surprised to see two entirely different looking cats both called Siamese cats. There are two basic types of Siamese cats in the world today. The first one is the traditional Siamese cat and the other is the modern Siamese cat. The differences between the two types of Siamese cats are quite striking and you can easily tell which is which.

The Traditional Siamese Cats

These types of Siamese cats are the unchanged cats from the original ones that were imported from Siam more than a decade ago. The cats that a British Consul General brought home to England were large boned cats with round faces and healthy looking bodies. These types of Siamese cats are robust and heavy. They also have darker seal points and some have the traditional kinks on their tails while others have the tendency to go cross-eyed.

The Modern Siamese cats

The modern types of Siamese cats are derived from the traditional cats but they were bred selectively to have longer more tubular bodies with long legs and finer bone structure. These types of Siamese cats also have a wedge shaped head and their ears are more pronounced compared to the traditional cats. Their heads have an overall triangular look and they may sometimes appear very thin. Some of these types of Siamese cats have varying shades of dark brown or grey on their points. Most, if not all, of the modern cats do not have any kinks on their tails or the propensity to become cross eyed.

Both types of Siamese cats have the same striking blue eyes and the traditional creamy base color of their fur. The two types of Siamese cats are also very well adjusted to people and communicate well with us. The modern Siamese cats are more prone to sickness and disease compared to the traditional and this is probably because of genetic maneuvering and too much human intervention to achieve the breed.

In spite of being the more healthy and robust of the two types of Siamese cats, the traditional Siamese cats are rarer than the modern ones. Much debate has arisen to why the modern cats were developed but there is actually not much that can be done regarding this since the breed is already established.

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taker9900 8 years ago

nice breed... check this 2...got some handy tips http://cutest-cats.blogspot.com/

anne.moss profile image

anne.moss 7 years ago from Israel

This is actually quite a controversial topic for breeders of Siamese. I have a good friend who breeds traditional Siamese, aka Applehead Siamese.

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