Vernon Howard On Love

Vernon Howard
Vernon Howard

Quotes On What We Love By Vernon Howard


You're in love with a friendly enemy within, which can be stated as being the same thing as self love ‑‑ self‑destructive self‑love. 5‑7‑76

There is an alternative way to live. Whatever fashion you have fallen into in this life, and fallen into is the right way to put it, whatever manner or fashion or kind of life you've fallen into, after you've been in it for a number of years you tend to take it as the solitary choice in life. More than that, the choice becomes the beloved habit so that people don't even begin to question the possibility of something else. 10-29-80

You are and you do what you truly love. Take that home with you! 10‑31‑82

What you now are is what you now love. Regardless of how hurtful, harmful or delusory is your present nature, that is what you love because that is all you have and you know no other love. 11‑12‑83‑AM

Men and women love to be involved in the storms of life. They love the excitement of being stuck there and struck there by lightening and the thunder. Lightening and thunder being all the blows of life, all the agonies, all the dreadful things that come into their mind and churn around inside of themselves. In brief, men and women love where they are and what they are doing and that is their only love. 5‑27‑84

There really are only two kinds of people on this earth of about 5 billion people, really just two kinds. And you should be able to recognize them even before I go into the talk and in your own words. However, let's see who they are. Those who love to live in delusions and those who want to learn how to unravel the illusions and get rid of a boring, sick, horrible life of tense self-defense. 11‑6‑87

The old is the fierce foe of the new. The old is what is settled, fixed in place, well known, repetitious, going in circles. The old, the old human nature has no interest in anything but itself, regardless of how much the old ways, the old nature gets hurt, confused, beaten up, it still remains an egotist, in love with itself. 3‑25‑89

There is a God. This God that does exist, presently by the way outside of your consciousness and life, this God that does exist does Love you. You do not know of this Love of God because you prefer your own brand of what you call love and important things. 2‑24‑85

The heavenly world is pure Love, absolute compassion, mercy, watchfulness, and care at all times. In its altogether Love and Love for human beings, heaven sends down a certain definite message and heaven is so compassionate that it wants you to hear this message. It wants you to allow it to penetrate. It wants you to listen and so love what you're listening to, that the message turns into your own new nature. 11‑7‑87


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