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Vernon Howard
Vernon Howard

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The Higher Feeling comes faintly at first like a dimly remembered dream.

- Vernon Howard's The Power of Esoterics (page 180 soft cover)

Dissatisfaction is not cured by merely rearranging our divided parts, but by bringing them together in their original form, which produces understanding.

- Vernon Howard's The Power of Esoterics (page 187 soft cover)

Think about it. How would a man's day be different if he did not try to force his way through it? By not forcing anything he would avoid the tension and strife that always accompanies forcing. Forcing falls away when we clearly see it as a wrong move. We need only be conscious that anything gained by either subtle or violent force becomes just another chain.

- Vernon Howard's Esoteric Encyclopedia of Eternal Knowledge (page 146 hard cover)

An anxious young fish swam over to ask his father, "I have heard of the ocean, but cannot find it. What and where is the ocean?" His father replied, "Stop distracting yourself with worry about the ocean and you will find it." We are in truth, already One with the universe and with ourselves, but an anxious mind prevents self-realization.

- Vernon Howard's Esoteric Mind Power (page 50 soft cover)

Self awakening enables you to see the human scene as it is, not as it appears to be, which frees you of its chaos.

- Vernon Howard's Inspire Yourself (page 170 paperback)

We can either suffer from our suffering, or we can use it to end suffering. To abolish anguish we must understand its nature. What is suffering? It is a face to face encounter with something that the false self doesn't want to face. It is resistance against the Truth, against Reality. We resist the very Truth that could liberate us because we don't recognize it, because we are still under the delusion that falsehood is all there is.

- Vernon Howard's Mystic Path to Cosmic Power (page 120 hard cover)

Those who imagine they understand themselves do not want to hear anything that scares their imagination.

- Vernon Howard's Cosmic Command (page 114 paperback)

When troubled, we have our choice of either surface comfort or psychic understanding. If the choice is for comfort, such as associating with those who sympathize, we cannot have understanding. The demand for comfort blocks psychic insight. But if the choice is for understanding, which forces you to stand all alone without comfort, understanding breaks through. Every time we choose understanding over comfort, we walk a greater distance away from troubles, for such are caused by misunderstanding.

- Vernon Howard's The Power of Your Supermind (page 146 hard cover)

Authentic self-command is a natural result of self-knowledge. Whoever knows himself commands himself, and does so effortlessly.

- Vernon Howard's The Power of Psycho-Pictography (page 121 hard cover)

We must expose ourselves fully to life's experiences. Nothing is discovered in isolation, any more than a rainbow is discovered in a closet. To harmonize with life we must be with it altogether, without resistance, with no concern for what it may bring us.

- Vernon Howard's Pathways to Perfect Living (page 88 hard cover)

The ring of truth is inside every man. And this is not something merely metaphysical or philosophical. It is a practical fact. If a man learns to listen, if he refuses to be lured away by false sounds, he will find his way home. The ring of truth will always be recognized by the man who listens. And every man has the capacity to listen and follow.

- Vernon Howard's Psycho-Pictography (page 2 soft cover)

Now, thought is both good and necessary for the mechanical process of life, like building a house or cooking dinner. But because your spiritual self is not mechanical it must be elevated by an entirely different power. That power is awareness.

- Vernon Howard's Psycho-Pictography (page 129 soft cover)

A sincere seeker constantly acquires self-insight, crisis or not.

- Vernon Howard's There is a Way Out (page 71 soft cover)

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Louise 7 years ago

I have three of Vernon Howard's book and return to them over and over. They are so worn out because I love them so. What a masterful teacher he was and because he spoke Truth, his work is timeless. Glad to see his work carrie don here!

nidhi 6 years ago

I came to this site through web search (as a chance) I want to read his books please suggest me which book should

I start with. I had followed krishnamurti for some years.

Apurv 5 years ago

I like this personality.

litsa munroe 4 years ago

I've studies Mr Howard's teachings for many years, Read all his books, some many times. His DVDs are invaluable. Friends have read 'Mystic Path....' but always the same excuse 'I didn't understand the book'.

MY CONCLUSION; 'When you want to be aware more than you want to be unaware, you will be aware' & isn't it nice to be a Pleasant person? both within & without

Jim Fedor 4 years ago

Vernon Howard continues to reward me through the years of contemplating the lessons he taught. He sets people on the right road—inward. Inward, Ho!

John C 2 years ago

"Mystic Path to Cosmic Power" is a good primer for Vernon Howard's teaching. Compare Vernon's teachings with Jiddu Krishnamurti in "Freedom from the Known." Quite interesting! No matter where you look, there you are.

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