Vernon Howard on Sickness, Health and Eternal Life

Vernon Howard
Vernon Howard

"Sickness, Health, Eternal Life" by Vernon Howard


An excerpt from a talk by Vernon Howard given on 02-28-81 at 19 minutes

With the exception of very few human beings, the world and every individual in it, this country, that country, everyone in it is in love with something. What they are in love with is - now I'm going to use different words and they all mean the same thing. What the vast majority of human beings are in love with is: Their present nature as it operates. Their present nature as it expresses itself. They are in love with delusion. They are in love with familiarity. They are in love with darkness.

And listen to this one. Everyone you know is in love with non-life. Non-life is life that has no authentic future. Non-life is the time-self, the invented identity. Non-life is you as you presently think about yourself including the fact that you are spiritually sick.

If you say you are spiritually sick you will then - if you say with your intellect you are spiritually sick, you will then go out and try to get medicine for your spiritual sickness and what you will get is word-medicine, idea-medicine, identity-medicine, imaginary-medicine. So now you can retain your old time nature non-life and yet call it eternal life. But if you have the courage, the real daring to never, never again call yourself anything including a sick human being who needs the grace of God.

The world is mad. It's insane by calling itself things! Slow down your mind. Don't call yourself sick. Don't call yourself well. Don't let the operation give you a description. Don't let the mental operation give you an identity, a nature.

Do that and I will guarantee you that you will be well by understanding what wellness really is. It's not a cure of sickness. God is never sick! God - look, look... How, how can God, the Life Principle, Cosmic Intelligence - capital C, capital I - how can that be sick? Further, how can that die? Can you imagine Life with a capital L dying? You can't, can you. You can't. You see, the mind goes wrong. The intellect can think only of the word eternity but when the intellect thinks of the word eternity it connects it with the false time-self and tries to believe that that particular tree out there or that particular human being will endure forever as it presently is but that's nonsense because ideas, trees come and go. They exist in time. They are born and they go.

Now, if you want to get well and know what eternity really is you have to understand that you were never started. How could you be started?

See, Truth, Universal Truth, God, existed before you were born physically. Okay? You'll agree to that, won't you? You'll agree that it will exist long after we are gone in the physical body. Now, if you are born into this world and begin to call yourself Bill or Mary and build a sense of existence around that then you are going to be afraid of death. Because you say, what's going to happen to Bill or Mary and you point at your physical body. You think that's you, see? What will happen - what will be my references after the death of the mind? What will be my references? What will happen to me? You are terrified at the end of you and it's not you at all.

Being terrified of death you go around and try to find medicine and you find false medicine - poison really. You find poison that tells you now have eternal life because you are talking about eternal life. Because you are singing hymns about eternity. Your mind will say, I now have the peace of God in my heart and a person who says that is a devil.

If you have it you don't say it. When you say it you are trying to convince yourself that your lie is the truth. You have eternity when you don't think about having eternity. You have eternity when there is no one there to be eternal. You have ever lasting life in a way which the mind can't at all understand. Don't you try to understand with your intellect what I'm talking about. Eternal life has always existed. Why do you always put it in the future? Why don't you put it in the past if you want to talk about time? Already you're in division. The intellectual division between past and future.

God, Light, capital L, eternity forevermore exists right now! If you understand and live in your essence right now, then you have this eternity in you right now as you are seated here. It belongs to you and you know it belongs to you because there is no one thinking about it. If you think about it, you don't have it.

Repeat. You're struggling around trying to get medicine that will cure your illness so that you'll be well. Every time you do that, you add further ideas in your mind about wellness and sickness. This means you'll never be well because only the absence of the self-created identity, only the absence of that is health.

See, you, I, can never be healthy. We can only seek health and stay sick. When you know that the only thing you've been living by up till now is thought and thought created self, when that becomes clear, that is the death of delusion. And not really the creation of life, but the revelation of the life that has been there since eternity and eternity and now you are in what has always existed and always will exist. Which to make it clear, true teachers have called, you inherit eternal life.

They use words but they use them consciously and deliberately because they know that nobody practically almost, nobody on earth can ever go beyond the words and see directly. But you do start with words which I'm doing now. Eventually when all the words disappear, all the thoughts disappear then there is a knowing who you are but no separate independent knower because God, Truth, Reality is not divided.

Now you are divided, aren't you? Don't you have oppositions? Don't you have enemies? Don't you have contradictions going on inside you? That is the absence of wholeness.

Wholeness is eternity.

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Elliot Wagner 6 years ago

I am reading this at 4:23 am on 1/1/10. I searched for "word sickness" on Google, because I cannot find another phrase for what seems to describe my self-imprisoned state this early morning. So, thank you, Mark, for posting this description of the truth. Happy New Year. I'm going to try to get back to bed.

Louise 5 years ago

I am facing a serious illness that is very rare and little protocol exists, unlike cancer/chemo. The medicine prescribed is not working, thus, if am challenged with further complications, severe pain, and a shortened life. I am trying to stay conscious and no go on a morphine pump. Having read many of Vernon Howard's books, I do not recall coming across his thoughts on facing death before. This has been very helpful. I will read it again and again. Thank you for posting it. Going forward it helps me to remember I was only ever just passing through, here for temporary experiences. Everything is impermanent.

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