What Drinks to Avoid When Trying to Get Pregnant - Advice From a Mother of 3

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What Drinks to Avoid When Trying to Get Pregnant

When it's time to try to conceive your mind is already packed with questions that need answering, and the last thing that you really want to even start thinking about is what you'll have to sacrifice and cut out of your life. However, if you do plan to make the most out of your efforts, then you'll end coming around to the same question over and over again...what drinks to avoid when trying to get pregnant.

Yes...in truth this is something that you're going to have to look into, and you'll have to end up cutting out certain drinks and beverages from your daily diet, or you'll decrease your fertility and natural ability to conceive.

Let's take a look at some of these drinks, what you need to cut out, and why. Try not freaking out too much, just imagining how worth it all will be in the end.

Caffeine: If you've spent any time or effort on your pre pregnancy efforts than you would have already come upon this mention already. I know it's nothing new to you, and that you've already heard it a million times before, but now it's time to hear it again from a mother (yes me!). You should be cutting out just about all if not all of your daily caffeine intake. It's already been proven many times over that caffeine has shown to have a negative effect on women's conception efforts and natural fertility. So for the time being...stay away from the following drinks and foods:

Regular Coffee

Decaf Coffee (yes even decaf has enough caffeine to take an effect on fertility)

Soft drinks

Ice tea, Hot tea (herbal tea is totally ok)

Hot chocolate, milk chocolate

Chocolate candy

Excedrin head ache medicine

Certain cold medications

Eliminating these drinks our of your daily routine will have a rather large positive impact on your conception efforts so as a mother of three who tried for almost three years to conceive my first, I urge you to do so.

This is only part 1 of a two part article series on what drinks to avoid when trying to get pregnant, so please do go through my other articles and read through the next part, as there are more drinks that need to be avoided such as alcohol and something else that you might have never expected.

*I'm a mother who's given birth to 3 kids darnit! ;) I've dedicated my life to helping you, after going through amazing hardship to discover what works when trying to conceive. My advice on what drinks to avoid when trying to get pregnant are from a mother who's been there and done that. If you're still not pregnant and are struggling to conceive, then go here to start making it finally happen for you! :) http://www.instantconceptioncenter.com/

Say it Isn't So! Caffeine's Effect on Getting Pregnant

Could there be a better way to start your day than a nice hot cup of espresso? Well, when you're pregnant or trying to get pregnant there are MANY better ways to start your day. In fact, for women already nurturing a new life within, the caffeine in coffee and other drinks can actually cause harm.

I know this may be difficult to digest. You've changed your diet in so many ways already. No more sushi, your favorite tuna salad is a no-no, the vintage bottle of red from your trip to France is collecting dust in the cabinet. But now your coffee??!! Not to deepen this emerging wound, but it's not just your coffee.

Caffeine is found in amounts that aren't acceptable for a pregnant woman and her baby in a number of products. Tea, energy drinks, colas and.... this is a tough one ....CHOCOLATE all contain amounts of caffeine that have the potential to harm your developing fetus.

While it's not conclusive that moderate amounts of caffeine decrease a woman's fertility, perhaps we should be using our 'trying to conceive' period to wean ourselves from caffeine because its effects are proven to be more of a concern once a pregnancy is established.

During the early days of pregnancy, it's normal to worry about miscarriage. Statistics show that many early pregnancies end in miscarriage, though most occur before we even know we're pregnant. But once we shake off that little pee stick and see the big, pink plus sign, it's a daily struggle not to worry about doing everything right to ensure that our pregnancy remains viable. A lot of it is out of our hands - nature has a way of overriding our wishes sometimes. BUT, there are things that we should, and shouldn't do, to keep Mother Nature on our side!

A recent study has placed a direct link with caffeine consumption and miscarriages. In fact, the research project concluded that women who had consumed amounts of caffeine equivalent to what's found in two cups of coffee each day (about 200mg) had twice the risk of miscarriage as those who consumed no caffeine. Whether the woman drank two cups of coffee or consumed equivalent amounts of caffeine in tea, energy drinks, sodas or ....yes...chocolate, her risk of miscarriage remained twice as high as a woman not consuming caffeine.

There was also a small increase in risk of miscarriage for women consuming less than 200mg. I know it can be hard to understand how a seemingly harmless drink can have such a disastrous effect on a fetus. But while we might rely on the jolt to kick-start our day, fetuses can't metabolize caffeine and it may actually disrupt cell development and decrease blood flow from the placenta. This reduction in blood flow can result in miscarriage.

So, as difficult as it may seem to limit your daily java - or tea, or soda, or.... CHOCOLATE, pregnancy goes by in a flash and I know you want to do everything you can to give your baby the optimal growing environment.

Getting pregnant can be a very difficult road sometimes, and not all things are what they seem. Doesn't it make sense to get your information and tips on getting pregnant from couples who've already been through it all and know what they're talking about? Click here to find out more ---> http://www.instantconceptioncenter.com

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maria 4 years ago

hi i have a question every day i drink a bottle of sobe water is that making me not to conceived

Sumaya 4 years ago

I have noticed that my nieces who live in Israel are having a lot of problems trying to get pregnant or can not even get pregnant. One thing is common among all of them, They all drink too much energy drinks! They wake up in the morning, first thing theydois go to store to buy those drinks. Please some one tell them those drinks are danderous!

sue 3 years ago

my daughters been wanting too have another child its been 6 years since she had her daughter but she hasn't been able too conceive my question is her boyfriend drinks a can of beer every day can that prevent her from getting pregnant im praying she gets pregnant soon her daughter wants her mom too have a baby her daddy and daddys girlfriend just found out there having a baby and she keeps asking her mom if she will have another baby too so she will have two she can play with one at her house and at her daddys house i think its so cute

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    Giving up your daily cup of joe might not be easy, but the end result will be more than worth it! :)
    Giving up your daily cup of joe might not be easy, but the end result will be more than worth it! :)
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