What do you think about natural healing systems/ therapies/ methods now a days applicable. Why?

This is such a huge question to ask. First lets understand how long natural healing therapies or alternative medicine as it is called comes from. Alternative medicine is actually not the alternative our traditional medicine today is the alternative. Eastern medicines like accupuncture and massage have been around for thousands of years. The evidence to this is enormous.

Before attending massage school, I had the belief that traditional medicine as we call it isn't traditional. I thought this was crazy as I had been brought up going to an MD. Well I was educated on the practices of these eastern therapies and showed that they had been the first in the medicine field. This was very profound for me. Traditional medicine today has only been around for hundreds of years not the thousands as alternative medicine has been around. You can look up alternative medicine on wikipedia for more information.

One very profound thing I learned at school was that medical doctors (MD) are motivated by fixing symptoms rather than locating the cause. A Naturalpathic Doctor (ND) on the other hand looks to the cause rather than the symptom. What I mean by this is. A MD gets a lot of marketing from drug companies to sell their product. The MD will be quick to prescribe motrin or painkillers for an injury. The ND will do a through examination to determine what is causing your pain and then prescribe the appropriate therapy to resolve it. I know there are MD's out there that are incredible and I don't lessen the importance of medication but I have seen where medication takes over and healing never happens. My great grandma before she died was taking buckets of pills to counteract different side effects from different pills.

Now as a practitioner I have seen amazing results with massage and other modalities to know that you can't underestimate the power of these therapies. I do believe you have to follow your own convictions when it comes to these types of treatments. Touch is a powerful medicine. The most important thing to realize about this is, your body has eveything in it to heal itself. Most Natural Healing Therapies just facilitate that. Pain management with out dependancy on drugs is a better life if you ask me. There is no room for addiction with natural healing. There are some amazing modalities that can take pain from people and all that with out the use of drugs.

Well I hope that helps. I know my vision on natural healing was changed when I had the chance to experience it. If you at least try it then you will know. What do you have to loose other than a little money. If you don't like it go to the doctor. But if it works it will save you so much in the long wrong. Just think of the health aspects for not having to take chemicals into your body. Well I will get off my soap box now.

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tvance profile image

tvance 8 years ago from Chehalis, Washington

I Have also seen amazing results with massage- Reiki massage is even more amazing!

You have a Good article on natural health!




Cleo Pascal 5 years ago

I've known some people who have tried natural health therapy, and thankfully, that the therapy give them a chance to be healthy again. Actually, there are some people who want this natural therapy because they want to maintain a good health, to free themselves from stress, and boost their immune system.

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