What does Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) do with the donations from meetings?

What does my dollar do?

AA is a fellowship dedicated to sharing the experience, strength and hope of those with some solid sobriety with those who wish to stop drinking. A desire to stop drinking is the only requirement for membership.

Most meetings end with a passing of the hat and most have a break with a raffle, the prize being most often one of the many good books written by Bill and Dr. Bob, and, of course, the Big Book, which is sort of the bible of AA.

The revenue from the collections goes toward paying the rent on the hall where the meeting takes place. Even churches have costs and budgets and expenses and they cover those by renting out their space to worthwhile organizations, among other things.

In addition to the cost of the hall, the money goes toward the cost of the books that are raffled, the coffee that is given out and the cookies, donuts or hotdogs that are given away at most every meeting. The large banners with the twelve steps and twelve traditions on them in most meeting have to come from somewhere as well.

Every group has a treasurer who keeps records of the collections and disbursements and every group has members only meeting beyond the public meetings that are available, during which the group decides on expenditures. I believe that a portion of the collection is tithed upward to regional, or district offices, which take care of things like printing the books with meeting list for the area, and so forth.

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