What is your favourite PC game?

My Favorite Game To Play On My Personal Computer

My Favorite game on PC these days is RUNESCAPE. It is a multi-player world in which you can do many things from cooking, to crafting, lots of mini-games, battle, chopping wood and fire making, farming, herblore, magics, making jewerly, mining, smithing, fishing for lobsters and swordfish, making armour, quests, and there is a place called the wildy that you can battle other players your level and get their stuff.

I originally got into this game to find out what my son was so crazed about. It has been out for a couple years now and it seems to be a trend in the kids around my area. For Halloween this year my son had a home made Mage costume. When I started playing this game I realized that it not only provided entertainment it is also very educational how it makes you earn the money and there are no cheats. I believe that by playing this game my son has become more of a wheeler and dealer. I also feel that this game is more realistic because it breaks down things showing you that there are steps. For example in the game to make a loaf of bread you have to first collect the grain from the field, then put it in the mill and turn it into flour. Next you have to add water to make bread dough, then you have to cook it on a range, hopefully not burning the bread, then you have a loaf of bread that you can eat to add life points or sell for some loot. I enjoy this game and how it makes you think and plan your moves. It is a wonderful game that certainly exceeds a game like grand theft auto.


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