4 Types of Horse Husbands

What kind of Horse-husband do you have?

Long ago I heard the description of 4 types of husbands a horsewoman could have. I am going to try to recreate what I learned. You may see your husband here, or you may learn a valuable lesson about what kind of man you would like to marry.

1. Dis-Interested

This man has no interest in your horses. You won't find him at the barn sneaking extra carrots to your horses, or enjoying a trip to the tack shop. When you compete or show, you have to beg him to come watch. Your decisions about your riding and your horses are all your own. At the worst extreme, a dis-interested husband secretly wishes horses were not a part of your life. And he may even discourage you from spending money, or time on riding and the horses.

Obviously, we horsewomen, would like to stay away from the extreme type of this husband. No one should put a collar on our dreams. But just being dis-interested isn't hard to live with. Horse time becomes our time.

2. He knows better than you

This man took your interest in horses and made it his passion also. Except, now he is the expert, even though he has less experience. He may have created a business surrounding breeding or showing horses. He's gone horse-crazy in a man's sort of way. Now you own numerous horses when all you wanted was a nice horse to ride.

Sometimes, you just gotta love 'em anyway.

From Puddingstone Manor in Michigan. "Horse Husband of the Year"
From Puddingstone Manor in Michigan. "Horse Husband of the Year"

3. A Rider Too

This man has his own horse too. You get to ride with him and share the horse chores. He may be competitive, trying to do better than you, or he can be a partner.

This could be dream-husband or a nightmare. It is all in the attitude.

4. Supportive

This man supports you in your passion and even helps out. He keeps the truck in good working order. He will drive you to the shows and keep your horses' stall clean and carries the water. He would never miss your class, and shines your boots before you enter the ring.

This is my favorite. Everyone should have someone to dote on you. Just be sure to return the love.

Men doing Dressage

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emmabalmer 8 years ago

I have the "supportive" one. I married a city boy and he really tries hard to help me clean stalls, feed the goats, and brush the draft horses :) In fact, he's buying hay right now!

LeslyeAnn profile image

LeslyeAnn 8 years ago from Yoncalla , Oregon Author

Blessed is a man with a muck fork in his hands! Congrats!

Mind-ing for Gold profile image

Mind-ing for Gold 8 years ago from Raleigh, NC

Hi LeslyeAnn - I'm one of those lucky gals with a "supportive" husband. I would love it if he would ride as well - but I'm happy with the support.


annemaeve profile image

annemaeve 8 years ago from Philly Burbs

LesyleAnn, I'm sure I'd like to have a supportive husband some day, right now I'm just happy when my dog doesn't chase the horses and riders I'm teaching. That video of the stuffy men in coats doing dressage nearly made me pee myself. The looks on their faces are priceless!

Sally's Trove profile image

Sally's Trove 8 years ago from Southeastern Pennsylvania

"Supportive" would be my ideal.

That video is awesome! 

ridendurance profile image

ridendurance 8 years ago

I was ever so blessed with the supportive husband who is also a rider. He is not passionate about it but we can trail ride and camp, for years he was my absolutely AWESOME pitcrew at enbdurance rides and currently indulges my Parelli fascination. I do return the favor when it is hunting season and time for him to trapshoot! We are so lucky! Love the video and will post on my website too. www.horsenponyfriends.ning.com

christinekv profile image

christinekv 8 years ago from Washington

I'd have to say my husband is a combo of number 3 and 4....he likes to ride, on occassion but he hasn't made any of our 3 horses his own. He does not compete with me either or have any negative cocky type attitudes when it comes to horses....he's very teachable yet sometimes I could be kinder in how I express myself when attempting to teach/make him aware of something. It's been quite a while since he's done much in the way of horse chores but he does like to watch me ride when I'm taking a lesson or showing (been a while since I've done any of that either - been mainly hitting the trails this year!).

Loved the utube clip - it's hilarious. I'll be sharing a link to this hub with my other horsey friends!

donotfear profile image

donotfear 8 years ago from The Boondocks

I wish my husband loved horses as much as I do. He's a natural horseman, just not interested, but patient and good with the animals. He takes care of them when I'm away, and of course, thinks he knows more!

sasha 7 years ago

So blessed to have someone who is supportive of my riding goals. Loves to go to horse shows (a party for him to see all his friends). I'm a DIY girl so it's been an interesting journey to find ways he can be involved. He's not much in the way of horse chores, but that's perfect for me!

Amanda 6 years ago

My husband is very supportive, except in one arena: For some reason, I have to BEG him to come and watch me ride. For years and years, he helped his ex win blue ribbon after blue ribbon, hauled horses across the state for her, and all she did was leave him destitute, in debt, and his favorite palominio covered in summer sores. Whenever a boarder needs a horse warmed up or they are having trouble, or ask him to watch them ride their horse to see if it's off, he's johnny on the spot. But me? He paces the rail like he can't wait to get out of the barn. It's like it bothers him something fierce to just sit and watch for half an hour. What gives? Everytime I ask him about it, he thinks I'm trying to argue with him and just walks off. I don't think he realizes how badly it hurts my feelings. Especially when I've taken spills and he's at the house doing nothing.

LeslyeAnn profile image

LeslyeAnn 6 years ago from Yoncalla , Oregon Author

Too bad you weren't wife number 1. Maybe he just doesn't realize how needed he really is, and how just being there can mean so much. Good Luck.

Grieving 5 years ago

I'm a victim of the #1 husband. Well, victim is too strong (but my heart is heavy as I write, so that word comes too easily to my mind) but I've discovered a quick way to clear the room (living room, that is): put something on the TV related to horses (like the WEG from TIVO last night) and he either disappears completely or suddenly has things to do where he needs to walk back & forth in front of the TV a dozen times in the course of an hour. Sorry for the whine but he knew my passion before he asked me to marry him (20 yrs ago) & although I've put him through multiple colleges & degrees and supported him in his pursuits (work & hobbies) he just can't seem to find it in him to respond in-kind. BTW, we are not horse owners and haven't been since my son was a year old (he's 18yrs old now).

LeslyeAnn profile image

LeslyeAnn 5 years ago from Yoncalla , Oregon Author

My heart goes out to you.

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