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Adorable at 8 weeks old this is Marley the Morkie puppy.
Adorable at 8 weeks old this is Marley the Morkie puppy.
Marley the Morkie again at her new home for the first time
Marley the Morkie again at her new home for the first time

The story begins...

In thirteen days it will be exactly 9 months old, my dog, Marley that is. She is really the sweetest dog to walk the face of the planet. She totally has my mooshie gooshie heart. It wasn't always that way that's for sure. Sure at first sight it was the Awwww factor and then I got home and the puppy insanity begun! I was lurking on any possible puppy adoption website for months. Probably close to six. I highly recommend and or kijji which is how I found Marley. Her innocent face was just the one I remembered of the months of stalking the puppy websites. Which by the way-I've decided that I want all the people that posted adds with dogs 3-5 years old for sale to get a raging case of flu! I mean really, are you kidding me with these insensitive idiots! Word out there my dawgs (pun. ahem intended) buy a dog and pay a lot of money for it then decide a few years down the road that you don't want it....fine. You can GIVE it to a better loving home. You DON'T get to get your money back. No one in their right mind would or should buy a 3 year old dog for $1,200. It's a sin even if you don't believe in the ten commandments! At least my Marley won't ever have to worry about being given up. Obviously if you can't care or afford to feed your dog, then again, you may Give it up for adoptions. You do not get to sell your dog to make some extra money to pay the cable bill.

As I was saying, Marley had that unmistakable, I'm going to be the best puppy ever, I knew she was the one. I didn't know what I was looking for but I had heard about Morkies from a close friend. The Morkie is a cross between a Maltese and a Yorshire Terrier. Depending on if the parents of a Morkie are both full breeds of the Maltese and a Yorkie..the offspring which deemed the Morkie is a great mix of the loyal playful characteristics of the Maltese and the brave fun traits of the Yorkie. A Morkie is not to be confused with a Malte-poo which is the Maltese and Poodle or the Dorkie-which is the Daschund mixed with a Yorki. A Dorkie, I originally thought that would be a hoot! Just to be able to say, my dog is a Dorkie! (Chuckle, Chuckle).

I end up driving to purchase Marley for $350.00 cash and the women that was selling her (not a breeder) "said" Marley had all her shots she was bringing the papers with her. Regarding puppy shots. There is a series of 3 boosters. Breeders can and often give the first 2 but unless the 3 shots are given within 3 weeks apart then it's pointless. The shots are booster shots. They work just like all vaccines. They are giving the puppies what they need to fight the diseases that could kill them. The character that sold me Marley was crazy in her Mormon, many children, not wearing makeup or store bought clothes sort of way. She met me in a Walmart parking lot no less with a gigantic white van with eleven boisterous children inside. She came waddling over to me and so did Marley of course. Marley didn't have a name yet, she was just this 2 pound little ball of fur and a tiny tail. She jumped like a bunny in the grass and was no where near steady on her feet. I scooped her up and nestled her in my arms. Her little mouth nipped at my fingers. I should have taken that for a sign that teething was going to be an issue. I did not of course, I talked to the owner and asked a few pertinent questions I thought to be important. Then I exchanged thoughts with my Mother who was with me and we agreed that this was the perfect dog for me. She was going to be small, she was hypoallergenic and doesn't shed, plus she was priced so much more reasonably than all the other Morkies I had looked at. So, I said, "I'll take her!" The owner walked back to the van to get her little cage and few toys with a small bag of dog food. No papers. "What?" "No papers, what are you saying to me?" She apparently forgot the shot papers and the breeding papers. Here's the thing. Firstly, it's against the law to sell a dog without shots end of story. However she said she had left the papers at home and was 2 hours from where we met which I knew and so I reluctantly agreed to take puppy, pay for puppy and papers would be mailed. We exchanged information and she took my money, all $350 of it and probably bought a gun to shoot herself with, eleven kids, wouldn't you? Then here I was with a brand new puppy! The excitement one feels upon driving away with a new puppy is like, not many things one experiences in life. It's probably like becoming a mother for the first time. As I've heard, I wouldn't know since I'm 28 and STILL SINGLE! Sorry, back to the puppy. There she was all furry and soft. Her little wet nose and tiny little feet, I mean paws. She nestled into a towel I had brought and squirmed around in the back seat. Her face was jet black and her tiny little white around her nose was so cute. I wanted to squeeze her and not put her down. Not squeeze her little head till the brain pops out squeeze. Just like a oh my gosh I love you so much squeeze. They're two totally different squeezes of course.

Then a few days passed and no puppy papers in the mail. So I begun the battle of emails. They began just simply inquiries as to why and where these alleged papers were. Then it rolled into a bunch of bullsheeeet! Get ready for this. The lady who sold me the dog, didn't buy a gun as it turns out. Nope. Her mother of course owned a Yorkie, a male Yorkie (Marley's Father). Another lady in Miami owned a Maltese ( Marley's Mother.) The lady in Miami used the lady with the Yorkie to make a litter of course. In people terms I believe that's called the pimp. So the dogs do it and the puppies are born and the lady with the Yorkie that needs money decides to actually pimp out her Yorkie for free. Rather than get paid she accepts the 'pick of the litter' as payment. I'm not sure what kind of puppy breeding crazy ass pimpin' sheet that is but it's dumb. So 2 months later they decide they can't keep this puppy and it's worth some moolah so they sell her. Morons. Anyhow, I shouldn't say that because I wouldn't have Marley without their loss. So, the lady never gave Marley shots she lied. She had no papers. She blamed it on the breeder from Miami that supposedly never gave them to her. Hogwash all of it. I panicked because I heard horror stories of puppies with all sorts of problems being sold unhealthy and then dying quickly after purchasing them so I immediately called a local reputable vet and recited exactly what happened. The Quail Animal Hospital in Wesley Chapel, FL was fantastic. They said this was very common and also set up an appointment right away. As I stated previously, even though there was verbal recommendation that Marley had her shots there were no papers to prove it so, the Vet argued that Marley had to have all 3 cycle of puppy boosters over again. He also mentioned that 'if' in fact Marley or any puppy has received one or partial puppy boosters and then they are repeated again, it will NOT harm the puppy. The goal is they be giving exactly the same time apart from shot 1 to shot 3. Seemed to all make sense. Puppy would get what she needed and the best part was nothing was wrong with her and she'd be okay. The bad thing was that each vet visit was 43$ which is average. So each visit with the shots were about $180 total. I then emailed the lady I bought Marley from and told her to credit some of my money considering she basically broke the law and I didn't care about her cock-a-may-mee story. She needed to credit me the money back quick too. I knew with eleven kids that someone might steel it if she didn't get it back to me quick! After many many grueling emails to one another, I received a money order for 75$ in the mail. In the end I learned a lot and got an amazing healthy puppy.

She was so nervous to first get to the house. She smelled everything every where and ran into all the rooms. She peed about every hour on the hour. Potty training her wasn't easy by any means. Learn about that in the next blog. Potty training your puppy. What works and what doesn't.

THIS BLOG IS DEDICATED TO MY 2 VERY CLOSE FRIENDS WHOM HAVE RECENTLY LOST THEIR PUPPIES. R.I.P Benji and Luna. You shouldn't have been taken from us so soon! We love and miss your furry little faces.

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