White Moon

A beautiful woman

Drawn in pencil

Impossible, irresistible

If that's not bizarre

Then the thought came-

Why does she has to have-

A head from which her eyes stare…

Why not leave her truncated

No, not in the arms...

Like Venus De Milo

Like my nightmares-

Okay, I’ll take her home with me

Laden on the easel

As if she was lost

Or crazily drunk

Because my eyes

Looked lonely?

Or was the moon too white-


But with a love so big-

She just woke up

And waded her way in…

Who is hearing?

Who cares

Who stares

Who dares



White moon-

Black Moon

Luna Negra-

On white canvas?

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MrMarmalade profile image

MrMarmalade 9 years ago from Sydney

You are a poet, I might have guessed

Thank you

carlos melgra 8 years ago

you look fine

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