Why Learn to Swim?


Learning to Swim is one of those "Life Skills" that will benefit you in ways that you cannot imagine when you are young. But, as you grow older you realize that it is important to learn to swim for a variety of reasons. One of the most important reasons is that Drowning is the 3rd leading cause of accidental death in age 1-54 in US. Other reasons include our general fitness, health and well being all usually benefit from time spent in the water.

Learning to swim is also a social skill. When we are learning to swim there are others around us that we interact with and we control how this interaction develops. I want to introduce to you some important terms in making choices.

Axiology is "the study of the nature and criteria of moral and aesthetic values and value judgements" Gage Canadian Dictionary

Everyone is different. Even identical twins have differences. People think differently. Axiology is the science that studies how people determine the value of different things.

To value is to set priorities. It is to think about things in relation to each other and decide that one is better than the other. All persons assign higher value to some things and lower value to others. People assign these valuations in a consistent pattern that is unique to them. It includes thinking about objects, discerning the different aspects of things, making judgments, and choosing. Our unique pattern of thinking and assigning value is called our Value Structure.

People often confuse value with values. Values are specific items that people stand for, believe in, or deem important. To value is to think, to assign meaning and richness of properties to reality. A Value Structure is the thinking map a person uses to reach conclusions about things. People are able to make informed value decisions through the identifying personal values.

Each person makes decisions every day based on what they believe and value. When a person makes better value decisions, it generates better results. Learning to swim is one of these decisions.

There are 2 other terms that I want to address: Respect and Regard.

At all times when you or those you are responsible for are in or near the water you MUST Respect the Danger inherent in the water.

At all times when you or those you are responsible for are in or near the water you MUST show Regard for other people using the area, the facility rules and conventions, and local regulations.

Why do I include: "or those you are responsible for"?

88% of children were under some supervision when they drowned.

Why do I include: "the facility rules and conventions"?

Every facility has rules and conventions [unwritten rules] that enable everyone to enjoy their Swim Time.

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