Why Women Ride Horses

It is a mystery to some non-horsey people why women are so attracted to horses. It is no mystery to women though.

The horse is so pure. He is honest. His soul and essense is right out there for us to touch and feel.

His relationship to the world is governed by his innate intuition. He perceives the true spirit emanating from others around him. You can't hide behind your words or your false fronts.

Women are nuturers and lovers. We are sensitivie, patient and compassionate. Just the climate the horse requires to flourish and thrive. It is truly a mutually benefical relationship.

The following little story illustrates the power women discover when they spend time with their horses. Enjoy.

Free to fully feel and express the joy of life
Free to fully feel and express the joy of life

The Sky Ride

Blowing warm breath, unhurried, approaching the beautiful girl, the horse softly blows his warm breath towards her outstretched hand. Closing his eyes, he lowers his head. She gently caresses his face. Remembering her kindly ways, he allows her to slide upon his back.

She tightens her fingers around a tuft of his silky mane. His soothing warmth rises into her being and the sensation of peace overcomes her as she inhales his musky fragrance. He feels her body fit snugly onto his back. Partnered together, the horse raises his wings high and pushes the ground away.

They rise and glide up into the open bright sky. His tail sails and plumes freely behind and as the cool air beats upon her face, the girl's spirit swells. Off they fly...

Off they fly,

....they dance,

....they race.

The fresh, clean air dives deep into their lungs. The swishing of his wings, the sound of her laughter, push them even higher and farther. They fly anywhere and everywhere.... free to fully feel and express the joy of life.

Finally, exhausted, his feet touches back down to the dusty soil. Hugging his neck, breathing richly, the girl climbs down. Expressing her gratitude for the ride into the sky, she strokes and grooms the horses feathers until they sparkle in the light.

Leaving her gracious, noble companion behind, she faces the rest of her life with her body strong,

her mind peaceful,

her spirit cleansed,

and, her heart filled with joy.

A Horsewoman's story

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Scott 8 years ago

Hi LeslyeAnn,

Great article and story. The horse's pureness, honesty, and essence are why some of us men ride horses, too. You've done a nice job putting into words why horses are special to so many of us.

Thanks for posting this at NickerIt.com :)


Mind-ing for Gold profile image

Mind-ing for Gold 8 years ago from Raleigh, NC



annemaeve profile image

annemaeve 8 years ago from Philly Burbs

Thanks for sharing such beautiful and true thoughts.

amy jane profile image

amy jane 8 years ago from Connecticut

Love it - so true how they see our soul :)

StarSnip 7 years ago

I hate the way women are stereotyped as nuturers, lovers and carers as not all women are naturally this way at all. (I hate looking after people, cooking for them etc, yuck, apart from my daughter and I would look after my mum as she looked after me, and my horse of course). Although we do love our horses and care very much about them and for them, we also love the adrenaline rush of riding them, their speed and power, and the sheer thrill we get from this, (but this is rarely mentioned as it is not generally comprehended as something women enjoy), as well as connecting with them compassionately.

LeslyeAnn profile image

LeslyeAnn 7 years ago from Yoncalla , Oregon Author

I think the feminine aspect finds it easier to SOAR along with an external power, as compared to a masculine aspect of needing to control and overpower. It may not be nuturing, but it is living harmoniously.

Garbriel 6 years ago

I don't think any of the above comments are that true, I'm a male rider who loves to SOAR harmoniously with my horse. I find, sadley though, that a lot of male and female prefer to boast about their relationship with their horse, I have found a lot of contradiction in both. Women are expected to be nuturing and sympathetiuc, but you should of seen the shock on my face when my boss showed my a picture of her current horse which I used to ride a long time ago, now I still can't justify using (what I consider to be bondage gear) Martingales etc on a horse that simply does not want to be riden at a performance level, yet sadley, with all that has been said and done, the best place for most (not all women) women to boast about their spiritual affairs with horses is the web blogs we all read. I don't wish to sound that I'm down casting women, but I can say the same about men, I think in the UK we need to revise the eway we live with horses, Im still trying to find a feild that my horse can live on with an open stable, stabling is the worst thing you can do to your horse, has anyone ever bothered to revise the medical and psychological affects it hjas on the horse, its very bad! So go ahead and write poetry why don't you, we all have a responcibilty to our horses, I blame the way the UK is divided, so much land out their that is not used properly. Take care.

LeslyeAnn profile image

LeslyeAnn 6 years ago from Yoncalla , Oregon Author

This was not written to diz men, or say that men are uncapable of the same relationship. It was written to answer that question I heard so many times: What is it with girls and horses??

Miss Lil' Atlanta profile image

Miss Lil' Atlanta 5 years ago from Atlanta, GA

Horses are just attractive to many people in general period, both men and women. However, I do think that you're right in what usually attracts women to horses can be far different than what usually attracts men to horses. Like men tend to be attracted to cross country horseback riding for the reason of the raw power that it gives off. Also, I'm a woman though, and Cross Country is my favorite Equine style too.

randslam profile image

randslam 4 years ago from Kelowna, British Columbia

Seems like a lot of time and effort to get up on the horse. I looked in to see if there was any new sentiment about horseback riding...period.

It seems there is, but I still have no inclination to go out and get back on a horse.

Not into the scent, bumpy ride or time required to get on some ol' nag.

By the way, anyone notice that no one has spelled "nurture" right? Damn, must be my joy of riding spelling bees--back to the books--better rawhide in those.

Thanks for the hub, it was informative and it did give me some insight to people and their passion for the ponies.

The Internet 2 years ago

This is possibly the lamest thing I have ever read.

Love, The Internet.

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