Why bloggers are quitting Blogging

"I am very proud of the success that we have had in blogging and I leave the game with few regrets " Jason Calacanis made a public departure from blogging with these words in a e-press conference, and has joiined the list of many pro-bloggers including Jhon chow who have now quit blogging.

Jhon shall not be writing any more on his blog http://calacanis.com, instead he shall continue doing e-mail blogging to a private e-mail listing of his most beloved readers. The first email post of jason calacanis can be read here. The question now reamins why blogging is such a deserated by such gurus of blogging when they are at the peak of their performance? I have complied reasons as to why this happens but before that I would like to tell you about Jason if dont already know about him.

In 1996 he started a publication house known as the Silicon Alley Reporter which was a 16-page photocopied newsletter,it later grew into a 300-page magazine, with a sister publication called the Digital Coast Reporter for the West Coast. As a result of this success he became the "yearbook editor" of the Silicon valley. He did businesses under the banner of Rising Tide Studios.

His company couldn't survive the dot com bubble burst so he sold his company Rising Tide Studios to Dew Jones & company. Then co-founded Weblogs, Inc. with Brian Alvey which they finally sold to AOL for about 25 million USD. At present he is the CEO of Mahalo.com, a human powered search engine.

Jason calacanis annoucing why he quit blogging
Jason calacanis annoucing why he quit blogging

I am still confused why he has left blogging?

he was into tech blogging and maybe he realizes that this is a very saturated field. There are a lot of tech bloggers out there and it is hard, if not impossible, to find a unique angle to a story. But is it the reason? What do you think?One thing is sure, he will definitely miss his blogging, relationships with fellow bloggers, readers, great friends that he has made over the large span of five years and last but not the least the comments made by his readers.

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glassvisage profile image

glassvisage 8 years ago from Northern California

I couldn't imagine giving up blogging. What's the hurt in continuing?

adrain 8 years ago


well the guy is making millions , kind of bored of the pro Blogger Tag, and if u did not noticed he hasn't given it up he has just turned into a Private Blogger.

packerpack profile image

packerpack 7 years ago from India, Calcutta

Who know what but may be he is seeing something coming. Maybe because of that he quit it. Maybe he thought to concentrate more on the new job? All the best to him but for me at present blogging is life! Did I just say too much? ;)

krbalram profile image

krbalram 3 years ago from Bangalore

very interesting hub adraibsean,there are only some instances where top blogger are quitting the blogger world,But on the whole Blogging is still pursued by lot of people in the world.Marked as interesting.

probloggger 3 years ago

Well i think he might have quit due money issues after a while its difficult torrents keep ur incoming increasing if just keep blogging.

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