Will fried chicken make you fat?

Is it possible?

The clear answer is yes. However, don't forget that everyone is made differently and just because one person gets fat off fried chicken you may not.

I like to advise people to do a few simple things.

First, exercise.

Second, if something looks unhealthy it probably is.

Third, look at your parents and their parents. Genetics plays a huge factor.

Lastly, if eating is what you love to do then do it. It's really your life and ultimately it's your decision. Keep in mind that if you have a family it may not be smart to be incredibly selfish.

Good luck to everyone in the new year and stay healthy!


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derekcaulfield 8 years ago

em, I agree if you want to eat bad foods occassionaly its okay just remember to excercise regularly or it will catch up on you

epictruth profile image

epictruth 8 years ago from Frisco Author

Very true Derek, very true.

2PAC 5 years ago

good lol

loraine 5 years ago

is that true?

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