Women-Friendly Homeopathy

Recently woman's day was celebrated with much zest and gusto. Womenfolk all over the world happen to watch the appreciation they got for their presence to make the world a better place to live in. The issues like liberation of women especially of rural areas and vastly increasing career opportunities were being talked about. Woman entrepreneurship was being honoured in all walks of life. Our Sushila, Varsha oe Jayanthi were happy to see their counterparts getting the applaud they truly deserved. The inhuman activities like female foeticide, dowry harassment were strongly condemned and steps were told to be taken to curb such perverted practices. Hope we soon implement our talks.   “Woman” is a personality who has a complex but distilled psyche, a body that bares so many physiological changes, a central figure surrounded by so many emotional liabilities and today's healthy earning hand. She is Shakti(power), she is storehouse of infinite energy. But since ancient times, she is going through countless puzzling situations throughout her life. There are puzzles upon physical, mental and emotional plane. She needs that extra surge of flowing energy to balance the needs of her own and the world around her.   Homoeopathy is called as a woman-friendly mode of treatment as it gives prime importance to her emotional upheaval.   Take example of Neeta(name changed). She is a housewife with a flare for art. She likes to decorate her house. She says, “I gets irritable very fast, scold my children but I love my family irresistibly. I develop a migraine attack when out in the sun. started suffering from dryness of my private parts and I cannot do without a pinch of extra salt on rice.” This is a picture of Natrum mur female in Homoeopathy. When administered, she got rid of her physical as well as mental anguish. In addition, she said, “Doctor, I had not told you about my urticarial itching rash that used to trouble me occasionally but with your medicine, it has also reduced. How come you know that?” I admit, “No dear, I did not know that but the Homoeopathic remedy knew that. Because with his medicine, we are not treating your migraine or dryness alone but we treat you, the whole human being. She is happy. Like Neeta, many women are getting rid of their discomfort and leading a happy life with the help of Homeoeopathy.   Savita was a very outgoing, social, vivacious persona before marriage. She told, she used to be the center of attention in her college with lots of activities besides studies. After graduation, she got married in a conservative family that didn't give her scope to explore her abilities. She was told not to keep close with her old friends and concentrate on her household chores. She even left her job after giving birth to her child. She now became too secluded, felt there is no life of hers and started brooding. She felt resentment towards her family, even her child and seemed indifferent. She started suffering from leucorrhoea (white discharge), severe backache and her lively face became shriveled. I was astonished to see the stark difference in the attitude of my patient. Here to our rescue came Sepia, a Homoeopathic remedy. Its proper administration and a couple of counseling sessions with the family made a remarkable recovery in Savita after a few months. She started feeling upbeat and her leucorrhoea and backache vanished.   One gets tremendous pleasure with the study of Homoeopathic medicine. There are so many different personalities one gets to notice in the vast material medica. To apply those personalities to individual patient and finding similarities is the crux of the story.   While studying the Homoeopathic medicines, one comes across personalities of women like Pulsatilla, who are cute and emotional, Lachesis, who do not stop talking and are suspicious, Phosphorus that are extrovert with bleeding tendencies, Platina that are haughty and many more.   One tends to introspect while studying Homoeopathic medicines, as they are our mirror images. Sure we can try to sparkle our mirror!  

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