World of Warcraft Warlocks

World of Warcraft Warlocks

If you play World of Warcraft, especially if you play on a PvP server, you are no doubt aware of the Warlock class. This is my favorite class in World of Warcraft and for good reason; they are one of the most powerful, if not thee most powerful class in the game.

Here are some fun complaints people post that agree with me:

" Let's see. 10k+ hp on a cloth class that can hit 800-1000 spell damage easily...

1: Deals insane amounts of dps with spammable long duration dots that WILL kill you regardless of whether you kill the warlock.

2: A pet that puts their damage mitigation versus everything at mail-armor level, is basically unstoppable unless killed, and by itself makes up for them not speccing affliction."

Here's another:

"Locks are indeed OP. The locks in my guild admit it, the locks I group with admit it. I don't really PvP so I couldn't care less. However, when honor grinding I do get annoyed when I have a lock at 10% (myself at 90ish) and then get feared/dotted to death. "

Here's a video showing crazy high crit landings on a 70 Warlock

World of Warcraft Warlock Crit Video

So are they really overpowered?

Not really, this video shows very critical hits based on less-than-ordinary circumstances. If you buff just about any well geared character they will get insane crits for almost any class. So, is it the Warlock spells, or maybe the Warlock pets that make them a menace? To an extent, yes, but most of it is player skill.

Here's another video:

Another World of Warcraft Warlock PvP video

Warlock Spells that People Hate

The main reason people think Warlocks are overpowered are because of these Warlock Spells

  • Deathcoil - This is an instant cast 3 second fear with a marginal health kickbak. It's on a 2 minute cooldown
  • Fear - This is the main reason people hate Warlocks. But remember that Priests and Warriors also get a similar effect
  • DoTs, DoTs, DoTs! - the typical Warlock will cast anywhere from 2 to 4 DoT's on an opponent at any one time. This is the Warlocks main damage dealer. Players dont like the fact that the DoT's persist even if the Warlock dies.

It all comes down to the player

As of this writing we are currently into Arena Season 3. I have mostly all Season 1 PvP gear with two Season 2 pieces. My Warlock spells are set for a hybrid SSL spec and I'm sitting at around 1035 Shadow Damage and 425 Resilience. Yes, I win a lot. Mostly because I have been playing the class since World of Warcrafts' launch and I know what I'm doing.

I get beaten mostly my BM Hunters, Shadow Priests and well geared Warriors. That's fine by me, you cant win them all. And in all honesty even with crap gear I can hold my own, but that's because I know my class. World of Warcraft Warlocks are a tough breed, but you really need to know how to play to be successful.

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gaylemart profile image

gaylemart 8 years ago from USA

Good rundown of Warlocks. I've never played one. Maybe next time I run through the game.

Ole Number One profile image

Ole Number One 7 years ago from Louisiana

I too am an SL/SL, Locks are the best by far.

Margesimpsun - Agamaggan - PvP, 70 Undead Horde

Scrump -Azuremyst - Normal, 70 Gnome Alliance

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