beauty culture




Cleansing Cream


Astringent or Toner

(2) Face Towel


Small Bowl

Head Band

Small Basin


head band


Facial Tissue


Choose the packs that you’re going to use:

1. powder milk with lemon and egg white

2. mud packs

3. peel-off mask

4. honey

5. oatmeal with milk

Massage- is one of the oldest and most useful method of physical treatment.

What are the purpose of massage:


a.) Health

b.) Beauty

Relaxation – is one of the most valuable benefits of massage & also one of your best beauty aids, & relaxing facial is recommended once a week.

Facial Treatment falls under 2 categories:

a.) Preservatives

b.) Corrective

Facial Treatment are beneficial:

To clean the skin

To increase blood circulation

To activate glandular activity

To relax the nerves

To maintain muscle tone

To strengthen weak muscle tissue

To correct certain skin disorders

To help prevent the formation of wrinkle & aging line

To soften & improve skin texture & complexion

To give youthful feeling

Operating Steps:

Wash your hands first with alcohol or soap & water.

Wear head band to the patron.

Put towel across the chest of the patron

Let patron to remove ear jewelry & necklace

Apply cleansing cream all entire face in order to remove the dirt &

make-up. Use tissue paper wipe carefully around nostril

Re-apply cleansing cream. Blend it to entire face.

Apply 15 strokes of massage.

After massage taking out the cream with tissue paper.

Use face towel soak in lukewarm water to take out the remaining

cream & to open the pores of the skin ( at least 3x).

Then gently apply the mixture with the aid of spatula. Be sure that the

mixture will not reach to the patrons eyes, eyebrow, eyelashes & nose

passage & to the mouth.

Stay the mixture at least 30 mins. until dry.

Taking out the mixture with the aid of spatula & wiped it with tissue


Use hot face towel, for steaming all over the face & it helps to

remove the remaining mixture & it will take out evenly.

Use cottonballs & moisten with skin freshener astringent or toner to

close the pores by putting it to the face.

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