Helping the Big Three Is Also Good for the Private Jet Industry

Rick of GM

November 18, the CEO’s of the big three American automakers—leadership role models for corporate America—flew to Washington on luxurious private jets to justifiably ask for the taxpayer’s money. They wanted $25 billion—but I think they deserve more. We have to give them $100 billion. After all, they make the best, most reliable cars in the world. Rick Wagoner, the quick-witted and competent boss of GM warned senators that letting carmakers leave Washington without cash would have serous consequences for the entire economy. He was also concerned about his underpaid employees, many of whom get a mere $78 hourly plus benefits. During Wagoner's 8 years as CEO of GM, his company lost %70 of its value. In 2007, Wagoner's receiveved $16 million while his company lost $26 million. I think the arrogant, average American taxpayer owes to those hardworking people at GM who make such nice and comfortable vehicles.





Even if you make minimum wage, you must cough up some more tax money to help out—otherwise you are not a true American. Think about Wagoner. He’s doing such a good job: He’s not only concerned about the car industry: he cares about the private jet industry too. The construction of his private $36 million jet contributed to the fastest growing and most profitable industry in the United States, private jet-making. His equally professional counterparts Ford CEO, Alan Mulally and Chrysler CEO Robert Nardelli also contributed to the private jet industry. In fact, they're ordering brand new airplanes since the bailout money is coming soon. Wagoner is right—we should be building more jets already. In fact, GM, the world leader in carmaking, announced today about its plans to build the first mass production flying car. You see, it’s finally paying off—the subsidies, the long struggle against Japanese carmakers...



The CEO’s of the Big Three are not the fist corporate leaders who expressed concern but also helped out the struggling economy. Take the AIG executives who rushed to invest in the local economy of a city in California before even getting the $85 billion stimulus package from the government. The AIG execs invested a total of $440,000 for things they didn’t even need. The execs stimulated the local hotel industry with $139,000 in hotel rooms. They unselfishly invested $147,000 in food, which really stimulated the struggling food and beverage industry in the state. But the AIG selfless philanthropists did not stop there—they helped the local spa industry with $23,380. Not to mention the golfing industry that got $6,939 and the room service industry with $9,980. One AIG philanthropist, insiders say, got his toe nails polished and gave $2000 tip to his pedicurist. The pedicurist was so happy that he did the exec’s fingernails, too—for free. Californians should erect a monumnet to honor AIG for this.  




In these tough economic times we need heroes like the leaders of the Big Three and AIG. They know how to spread the wealth and restore the economy. How? By looking at the big picture--they're helping not only their own industry but the entire economy. Now look at the cartoon specially created for this hub. Can you come up with better captions than mine?


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CharterJetService 7 years ago

Great hub, I love it. Really emphasizes the extravagant lifestyles the CEO of America are living at our expense.

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