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Having a big car used to be the ultimate status symbol - something that proved that you had succeeded and fulfilled the American dream. If you had an old Cadillac or Lincoln, big as a boat and heavy as one too, people would look at you with respect. If you were young and driving a car like that, the girls would flirt with you. If you were older, your neighbors would want to come over and talk shop with you. If the home was the castle, you couldn't tell it by the cars that people were driving.

Nowadays, however, the ultimate symbol is a big screen TV. Although big screen plasma TVs may seem as simpleminded and excessive as big Cadillacs, I think that they have something going for them that the Cadillac didn't. With a big car, a driver is much more tempted to cruise around, doing nothing but burning up gas. With a big screen TV, however, the activities tend to be more social and a little bit less environmentally hazardous. Sure, plasma TVs and projections television sets waste a lot of energy, but less than the car does. In addition, they do sort of bring people together. If you have a big screen TV, for example, everyone will want to come over to your house to watch the big game or to have movie night. Big screen TVs make the action come alive in a way that a small set does not. The colors are clearer, the reception is better, and the image is almost as big as life.

Of course, when you buy a big screen TV, you run into the same problem as with any large piece of cutting-edge consumer electronics. Big screen television sets are always going down in price, so what you buy today will probably be outdated and available for cheap tomorrow. It took me literally months to settle on a big screen TV to buy, because I was so driven to find the best deal. Finally, I realized that I was missing out by not owning a TV big screen of my own. My old TV was dying, and I needed to get something to replace it soon or face the prospect of going without television at all. Needless to say, I did not want to do that. I bought my Panasonic big screen TV, and I have been happy with it ever since.

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