How to Break Up with Your Girlfriend

I've had only a handful of relationships thus far, and I don't think I handle break ups well. I've broken up with someone by means of ignoring their phone calls until they get the idea, telling them I've met someone new, and I've been broken up with online, pretended to be completely fine with it, and spent the next six months being emotionally abusive towards them as the result of my own emotional distress. These methods, are NOT recommended.

The best way to break up with a woman depends on both her personality and yours, as well as the nature of your soon-to-be former relationship. The fact that you're even considering breaking up with her makes it clear that you two probably would be better off apart, but the fact that she may not feel the same way is what makes the break up process a difficult one.

The best thing you can do is talk to her immediately about the way you feel. Putting it off will most likely lead to you expressing these feelings through actions that may be hurtful (emotionally, not physically). If the two of you have ever had a serious discussion regarding your relationship before then approach it in that way. If you haven't, then there hasn't been enough communication invested in the relationship in the first place. Sit down with her and tell her what it is that you're not happy about. If you're worried you might forget something, ask her ahead of time to let you get out what you have to say before she comments on any of it. If you don't want to do it this directly then consider asking her how she feels about your relationship first. You obviously care enough to want to break up with her properly, and this will help show that you do, indeed care.

If you're positive that you want to break up then you have to tell her bluntly, no matter what. If you still want to be friends then offer this, but know that she may not be ready to walk straight out of the relationship into friendship, especially if she's upset about the break up.

All in all, the most important thing is that you stay level-headed and honest. You know what you want and its your job to tell her in a mature manner, and it probably wouldn't hurt to be emotionally supportive of her if she needs and accepts the support. Be kind, be honest, and don't put it off.

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Sean 8 years ago

True advice!

RUDE 8 years ago

Talking works better then yelling,

when you yell your just talking at

each other intstead of talking to

each other. I've had good relationships

untill my ex girlfriends done me wrong

and I broke up with them.

In a 4 month and 11 month

relationship only 2 arguement happoned

in each. I still love my last ex girlfriend.

ps. I had to leave post here and on

your 76 hub from my sisters computer untill

mine is fixed. Be back as soon as I can.

nion, check out your 76 hub, more post there.


Dode 7 years ago

Very very very good advice...

mike yuen ken paahana 7 years ago

no break up jus fool around an keep her around for garanz sex and cooking an kleening

jewel 7 years ago

Excellent advice, This will help me to take a step in the right direction

Nion Kokesu profile image

Nion Kokesu 7 years ago Author

Thanks to everyone for the comments!

... 7 years ago

Very good advice.

melvin 7 years ago

apparently, this is d best option i'll eva consider!

kanoa 7 years ago

hey dude.

adam 7 years ago

i hope this woks i reall do

Stevennix2001 profile image

Stevennix2001 5 years ago

Pretty sound advice. Although I've always been on the other end of this where the girl breaks up with me, but I do see how this advice you mentioned could be useful to many that could use it.

nuds 4 years ago

kwoolllllll :)

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