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Start of the Season

March 2008 will mark the start of a new season for Santa Pod drag-racing enthusiasts everywhere.

The winners for each class in the European Finals September 2007 were as follows:

FIA Top Fuel Dragster - Urs Erbacher

FIA Top Methanol Dragster - Dave Wilson

FIA Top Fuel Funny Car - Dan Larsen

FIA Top Methanol Funny Car - Freddy Fagerström

FIA Pro Modified - Micke Gullquist

FIA Bilsport Pro Mod - Patrick Wikström

FIA Pro Stock - Jimmy Ålund

Super Pro ET - Spencer Tramm

Pro ET - Charlie Chivers

Sportsman ET - Hans Van Der Spek

Super Comp - Martin Curbishley

Super Gas - Stuart Doignie

Super Street - Bob Lees

Comp Elimanator - Andy Frost

Junior Dragster - Nick Mugridge

Not so many bike classes in 2007 - my own mate Phil Pratt wasn't in attendance in the 9.50 class

IM/UEM Top Fuel Bike - Ian King

FIM/UEM Supertwin - Lorenz Stäuble

FIM/UEM Pro Stock Bike - Tom Tinndahn

The season at Santa Pod officially starts with the Easter Thunderball (21st - 24th March). The Barn has now gone (let's have a moment of silence please), to be replaced with (of all things) a concrete wall. So those of us who normally head down to the Barn to grab a lungful of tar and gravel will have to make do with standing at the barriers behind the Hog Roast instead.

There have been rumours of Urs Erbacher coming over with his new souped-up Top Fuel Dragster this season - the car that regularly clears times of 4 seconds. That will blow every other dragster out of the running this year!

Personally, I'm just looking forward to seeing Pennzoil's new look. He's gone from TFD in 2006 to TFF in 2007...wonder what this year has in store for my favourite car...?

Santa Pod 2007

The best sight in the world!
The best sight in the world!

Picture information

The top picture is of the finishing line gantry and is the sight which most Podders love the most. Our lot live for the moment when we drive through the gates and catch our first sight of this gorgeous piece of metalwork. We normally arrive at Pod around midday so the light is just right.

The second picture is of the view from the Barn (RIP) as we were waiting for FireForce to come round. I've often wished that I could see this view from inside a drag car...Sadly, this view will no longer be possible now the Barn has gone.

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