caregivers recruitment scam

Caregivers Recruitment Scam

Every caregiver from my country dreams to land a job abroad and earn a triple or even quadruple salary than they received here with their job as professionals such as teachers, dentist, bank tellers etc.

Caregivers will undergo a 7 month caregiver training before they will look for employer to different countries. For Canada they have to be at least finished second year college to be able to grab opportunities to Canada. If job orders were received they will wait almost a year for the processing of the papers in the embassy before they will be interviewed. If luck is with them they will pass all the interview and medical examination and received a visa going to Canada.

A lot of recruitment agencies even licensed in Canada agencies who recruits caregivers but they will give dummy employers which means they pay a placement fees for almost $ 6,000 but without any employment when they come to Canada. Situation is when a new comer caregiver who is now in Canada will look for herself her employer through newspaper and will go to employers prospect house for interview without the help of her agency, going there alone without knowing the place or the number of the bus that she’s going to ride. If she ask help from her agency they will only reply I already gave you an employer (which is dummy) now you have to pay me for another placement fee for another employer. You have to be thankful you are now in Canada because of me.

Poor caregiver dreamers. So be aware and be smart to choose for an agency. But it is better to grab for an employer through referrals from friends and relatives in which you don’t have to pay for a placement fee.

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