Silpada Jewelry - Cleaning Your Silpada Jewelry

Keeping Your Silpada Jewelry Looking Its Finest

Keep your sterling silver Silpada jewelry clean with these easy to follow, step by step instructions.

Sterling silver jewelry looks fantastic when it's clean and shiny. But I think you'd agree that it doesn't look so hot after it tarnishes. Even your best Silpada jewelry pieces lose their dazzle after a while...all due to silver tarnish. Let's look at a few ways to get that tarnish out of the picture and keep the beautiful flash of silver we all love so much in our Silpada jewelry.

First of all, the best way to keep your Silpada jewelry looking bright is to wear it on every appropriate occasion. The natural oils in your skin will work with your jewelry to keep tarnish away.

For a light polish, use a soft, nub free cotton or flannel cloth. You may also use a cleaning cloth designed specifically for sterling silver. To gently remove any makeup from your Silpada jewelry, use a soft brush.

Be careful, though! Silver is soft and can be scratched easily. This is true of your silver Silpada jewelry. Avoid polishing your silver jewelry with polyester or paper. These materials contain fibers that can scratch sterling silver jewelry. These scratches will dull the finish of your Silpada jewelry and they won't shine like they used to.

For a light cleaning, use a gentle liquid detergent in a cup of warm water. Rinse your Silpada jewelry with clean water. If the detergent you use is too harsh, it can damage the polish on the gemstones in your jewelry. Before you store your jewelry, dry it completely.

If your Silpada jewelry is more heavily tarnished, you'll need to use a deeper cleaning process. If your jewelry has gemstones, make sure you use a jewelry paste that's labeled as safe for gemstones. Otherwise, your gemstones may be damaged in the cleaning process.

If your Silpada jewelry doesn't have any gemstones, clean what you can with a silver cleaning cloth and a good, non-abrasive silver polish. Don't use circular motions, since this can scratch your Silpada jewelry. Use long, lengthwise motions. For the difficult to reach areas, use a jewelry brush. If your piece of jewelry doesn't have gemstones, you may dip it into the polish.

After using the silver polish, wipe off the remaining polish with a soft, clean cloth. If your Silpada jewelry features gemstones, take extra care in removing any silver polish from the stones. Now, rinse your jewelry with clean water. Dry it thoroughly before storing it.

You should store your Silpada jewelry in an air-tight tarnish-proof cloth made for silver jewelry. This will help keep your Silpada jewelry looking its best for years to come.

Finally, the most important care you can give your Silpada jewelry is to clean it often. If you let it tarnish and forget to clean it, over time your favorite silver jewelry will grow darker. This not only looks bad, it can actually harm the silver metal itself. And a badly tarnished piece is harder to clean. So, to keep your Silpada jewelry looking it's brightest and best, get into the habit of cleaning it. You'll love the way it looks on you!

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A.J. LONDON 8 years ago

good work.

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Kapil Khaneja 8 years ago from India

great Info about Sterling silver jewelry

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gemfind 7 years ago

This hub is offering silpada jewelry is suitable for every occasion. Nice jewelry information.

MensNecklaces 7 years ago

I just love that necklace, I actually have something similar to that and I'm interested to find the stylish men's necklace.

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poetryman6969 2 years ago

some pictures of the pieces would be nice.

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