How to grow and promote your website

If you have a plan to grow and share valuable content with your niche, you'll benefit in so many ways such as. Increased visibility, instant credibility, a stickier website, more inbound links, better search engine ranking, more website visitors, increased sales. And if you would like to get all these benefit,. here is a simple step by step plans you can use starting today.

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    Step 1: Writing or acquiring contents


    The first thing to do is to continually create content. You can do that by simply writing articles or tips about your niche, think of all the things people ask you regularly. then answer those questions in a weekly or monthly article.

    The key here is to stick strictly with your niche. If your site is about sports, write about sport stuff, every niche has an endless possibilities. you could write about training, exercises ,competitions and latest sporting news.

    If you hate writing or just can not do it, hire someone to ghost write for you.. There are thousands of aspiring writers looking for work. These writers are more than happy to make money doing what they love, and will willingly churn out great articles for you. you may be surprised at ho\w affordable this option can be,A few websites where you can frind freelance writers include,,,, just make it clear from the beginning that you'll own the content when they are done.

    Step 2: Give re-publiushing rightes to your contents

    Before publishing your content, take thin impiortant step add a small note with each article, that writer all readers to re-publish your content if they were found intersting. tjhis give them the right to publish your content on their related website or in their newsletter.

    this is called pre-lincensing and it is done by simple adding a small tag, or footer to the end of the article. the footerr usually look like this.

    * you may ue this article at your website or in your newsletter. the only requirement is inclusion of the following sentence. article by steve-Rhodes of webscope

    In your footer be sure to include a live link to your website the link should contain your key word phrase as the anchor text. in other words, the sentence should contain a keyword based hyperlink to your website.

    Step 3: Publish your content internally

    The first place to start this is with your own subscribes list if you have one. If not, i suggest you grow one! starting a newsletter or ezine is really as simple as signing up with anto responder serbice that offers newsletter publishing such as thse ones and The other internal publishing task is simply publishing your content at your website yes every new article or tip yopu write for your niche deserves a web page or its own. it takes literally five minutes to paste your article with footers, into a web page template and upload it to your website.

    Step 4: Publish your content externally

    Finally publish your content externally or outside of your own site. you can do that by submitting your content to other websites or newsletters. No matter what niche you are in, chances are that, there are other sites and newsletter about that topic seek them out by spending some time at a few email newsletter (ezine) directories. a few of better ones include.

    An email newsletter directory can help you gather and grow a list of email newsletters, including editor names and email addresses. Contact editors in your niche once a month with your content. Allow them to share it with their readers,Of course you'll include your footer with url after each article.

    Need content ?

    You may use this article at your website,or in your newsletter.The only requirement is the inclusion of the following sentence:Article by Kompass of kompass on hubpages

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