A Note on Content Writing.... will you like to read your own writing after a gap of time ?

After I joined Hubpages, I find there are a good nos of articles published here on writing of Hubs/(Blogs).

Some of our friends write about making the presentations look good and great, Yet others have encouraged fellow-hubbers to keep on writing about subject/s which are interesting to the writer.The compilation will be useful as the Hubs pile up.

I note that the 'grading system' of the articles and the writers depend a lot on the popularity .... as expected in a community of Hubbers/(Bloggers).This is where articles have a short shelf-life.

I thought I can write a few words about my suggestions on 'planning' the writing part of your Hub :

  • Decide about your purpose.If you are writing about a business plan or a technical subject,the style will be different from that when you are writing about your feeings,experience or a situation of your life.
  • Decide if you will convince/influence or simply convey .
  • Decide if you will just focus on your core message or on its language and style as well.
  • Another point : are you writing a Hub just to have 1 no added to the list of 'HUBs Published' or you will like to go back to your article after weeks or months and enjoy reading the same.
  • If the articles are worth a second or third read after a gap of time, then,the Writer can dream of writing his book !

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destinie 4 years ago

so cool

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