Women are the best creation of God!

Human life is the best form of Life,as emphasized by our ancient & learned Sages! But,among humans also,I consider Women are best creationof God,in spite of a few negative traits attributed to them!(I don'tagree that all are true,as they may be general to all of Us, & situation specific,as pointed out by a few learned socialogists).They excel so much in certain qualities,(Emotional & Sensitive) asMother,Wife, Daughter, Beloved & even as a Friend,that Men can't imagine! They do their best and sacifice so much of their own self needs,even their own personality,that men do not realize! They don't expect anything in return,except,perhaps Love,Respect, Recognition & a little appreciation of their contribution to the social thread,specially the family! I don't understand why We can't give their due to them,to see them smiling with satisfaction that their sacrifices are being appreciated ???

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Raven King profile image

Raven King 9 years ago from Cabin Fever

Wow. This is a lovely hub.

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