Body Hygiene: Your Crowning Glory

You can tell a lot by a person's locks. Things like how tidy they are, how fashionable they are, even what type of job they do can all be hinted at in a hairstyle. A good head of hair is often called a 'Crowning Glory'. A person who takes pride in their appearance will inevitably take good care of their hair too, as this is probably the first thing we notice about them.

For good healthy hair, it's recommended that you wash it as soon as it begins to look lank. This can vary with each person: there is no hard, fast rule on how often to wash. Different people have different types of hair and washing too frequently, or not frequently enough for your hair type can do more harm than good. Use your judgment - you'll be able to tell when it needs washing by how it looks and feels. As a general guideline however; greasy, oily hair will need at least one shampoo every two, possibly three days, and dry hair can often look good up to a week after the last wash.

It's important to use the right shampoo and conditioner combination for your hair type too. The mistake many people make is assuming that buying the matching shampoo and conditioner is the best thing to do: in fact the opposite is often true. The golden rule is; buy shampoo for your roots and conditioner for your ends. For example, if you are prone to greasy hair yet your ends are dry and splitting from constant coloring, buy a shampoo for greasy hair and a good conditioning treatment for colored hair. When you wash your hair, you only need to apply the shampoo to your roots and rinse out; the ends of your hair will be cleansed by the rinsing. Applying conditioner to the roots can weigh your hair down, so keep it to the ends. Leave for a minute or two to soak into your cuticles before rinsing. Finally, for shiny hair, do a final rinse with cold water.

As with washing, there is no fixed rule as to how often to have your hair cut. Some experts say every two months; others, every four. Some even say every 6 months. I say; it all depends! How fast your hair grows will determine how often you cut it, as will the natural life cycle of your follicles. This is how long each individual hair will grow before being replaced by a new, growing strand. If you've ever noticed how some people never cut their hair yet it seems to stay the same length; that's why. If you don't wish to grow your hair, then have it cut as soon as your style starts to become unmanageable - this will normally be in about 2 months. Hair grows at an average of half an inch per month, but this can be more or less depending on the person. If you are trying to grow your hair, then cutting an inch off every three or four months should be sufficient to keep your ends tidy.

Thankfully they don't do perms like this anymore!
Thankfully they don't do perms like this anymore!

Chemically styling your hair needs to be done as infrequently as possible. Perming solutions contain harsh chemicals which can strip your hair of its natural moisture and cause breakdowns in the core structure. If you find you can only manage your hair when it's permed, the best thing to do is let the old perm grow out as much as you can before getting it re-permed. If you can't face that, get as much of the old perm cut out before having the new perm to eliminate the majority of the dry ends. Use a good conditioning treatment throughout your perm will help to replace the moisture lost, give you a healthy, shiny head of curls and prolong the life of your perm.

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Yellowburgandy 8 years ago from Nevada

I have to say that I like your article, you covered quite a few myths about hair, very good!

LondonGirl profile image

LondonGirl 7 years ago from London

I agree, it's better to avoid all perms and colours, and have healthy, shiny hair.

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