Depression in women


1. The rate of belief on other's will get reduced day by day even though with the very near relations.

2. Once the opinion formed on other's will never get changed.

3. What ever they believe they will keep on doing the same work, how ever it is tough.

4. Very soon they will get angry. No timing gap will be maintained to utter a word on others.

5. They always think a lot.

6. They don't believe in doctor.

7. The expression of face will get changed very soon if anything is disagreeable to them.

8. They expect every body to do anything according to their expectation.

9. Always they carry negative thoughts.

10. At any point of time they never say that they are wrong.

11. They don't understand, even though others are getting hurt due to their behavior.

These kind of depression can be seen mostly women who crosses the age of 40's, who are not occupied(mostly), having inferior nature, in confidant, very sensitive in thinking.

If such symptoms are seen in the family, please do take care by taking them to psychiatrist.

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