Tips For Writing A Eulogy

10 Tips To Write a Loving Eulogy Speech


Writing and delivering a eulogy speech can be one of the most difficult tasks you are ever asked to perform.

It's an emotional time for you, family, and friends and even the thought of writing the speech can be overwhelming.

Writing and giving a eulogy is a praiseworthy action and a very important contribution to a memorial service. This contribution will be remembered by friends and family for a very long time, so feel honored about your participation in this difficult event.

Writing the eulogy feels like an overwhelming task, especially in your current emotional state. You may have difficulty concentrating or maintaining your composure during this process. THIS IS COMPLETELY NORMAL. Stop and take a few moments for yourself, and remember that you can write and deliver a great eulogy. All you have to do is follow the instructions in the remainder of this guideline, and you will give a touching eulogy.

Right now, try and keep a positive attitude. Remember that everybody at the service will be behind you completely. Do not be concerned about giving the perfect eulogy. Do what you can given the short time frame and fragility of your well being. Again, this is an emotionally challenging time for you. Nobody expects you to have great stage presence, or be an amazing orator. JUST BE YOURSELF, TAKE YOUR TIME, AND CONVEY YOUR FEELINGS FOR YOUR LOST LOVED ONE. The most touching eulogies convey your emotions and your feelings. They are not a summary of the person's life story.

Here are 10 tips to help you write a loving eulogy.

1. Use quotes, poems, or anecdotes

2. Tell stories, both from your perspective, and others.

3. Talk about their background.

4. Pose questions, and answer them.

5. Discuss their struggles and goals.

6. What drove them?

7. Talk about their strong qualities.

8. What did you love most about them?

9. What did you learn from them?

10. How would they have wanted you to continue your life?

If you write your eulogy with the above 10 tips in mind, then you can write a very effective and loving eulogy.

Take time to think about the answers and take time to write an outline and a rough draft. This will help you get the proper flow for your speech and help you organize it properly.

How To Write A Eulogy

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Brr9 profile image

Brr9 8 years ago from Michigan

Very helpful information! I was in a jam and needed some quick tips.

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