Ways To Stop Excessive Sweating

Ways To Stop Excessive Sweating

Learning To Stop Excessive Sweating Can Be Time Consuming  Laying perfectly still in a cool room, doing and thinking of nothing is one way to stop excessive sweating, but this is an unrealistic solution to a real medical problem. While sweating itself is not considered an issue, the underlying cause of the sweat needs to be rooted out, as many often fatal diseases use sweating as a warning and if the person is able to stop excessive sweating it may hide a serious health-related problem.  After consulting a physician and ruling out all medical causes, methods to stop excessive sweating can begin to be explored. Depending on the area of the body experiencing the most problem, the possible options for slowing down or stopping the sweat will vary. The most sweat glands are located under the arms, between the legs and in the palms of the hand, as well as under the breasts of women. It is not unusual to experience excessive sweating during times of duress or during physical activity, but to stop excessive sweating when there appears to be no reason, will take some trial and error actions.  From blocking the pores on purpose to cutting out the sweat glands, methods to stop excessive sweating vary and if self-treatment is your starting point, changing deodorant to a antiperspirant may be the first step. Any treatment should always begin conservatively and be more aggressive in steps until a solution is found.  Drug, Surgical Procedures Come Later  Initially, the use of antiperspirants to stop excessive sweating may provide some relief. They are designed to stop the flow of fluid from the sweat glands by thickening the liquid and blocking the pore through which it normally flows to the body’s surface. However, if used continuously, the pore blockage can cause skin problems and rashes that could lead to other problems. It will need to be removed by washing on a daily basis, if used daily.  Medication is available by prescription that can send messages to the sweat glands to quit or at least reduce the amount of sweat being released. By reducing the chemicals the body produces to give instruction to the sweat glands, these medications can be useful to stop excessive sweating. However, their continued use can cause other problems as they also inhibit the retention of fluids, which can cause constipation and dry mouth if used contrary to doctor instructions.  Any consideration of surgery to stop excessive sweating should be fully discussed with your physician as the procedure can often cause other complications as well as cause scarring and lack of hair growth. It should only be used as a last resort when all other methods to stop excessive sweating have failed. 

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sukkran profile image

sukkran 7 years ago from TRICHY, TAMIL NADU, INDIA.

thks for sharing these valuable information. nice hub

glenna hale 6 years ago

I had a hysterectomy and a bladder lift about a year ago. I have had medical problems one after another since these surgeries. I have continous sweating under both breast and the odor is terrible. Is this a common problem or is it just me?

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