fruit and vegetable carving carrot fish

Carrot Fish

1. Cut a small slice from a whole carrot.

2. Make a cylinder of it, having cut a through hole in it by means of a mould for removal of a hardcore of apples.

3. Cut a bar out of the rest part of the carrot and bend it slightly. This is a base.

4. String the cylinder on the base.

5. Cut two details out of thin carrot slices. It is a "mouth".

6. Insert one detail into the cylinder under the base and another above the base.

7. Cut the carrots into circles; make ringlets of them by means of the mould.

8. String one ringlet on the base.

9. Make a hole in a thin carrot slice. These are "fins".

10. Cut off a carrot slice. Make cuts at an angle as shown in the photo. Make a hole in the middle of the slice. It is the fish's "head".

11. Put on the "head"; string the "fins" as shown in the photo.

12. Then, string other carrot ringlets.

13. Cut out a "tail" and insert it into the last ringlet.

14. Cut a pea lengthways into halves. These are the fish's "eyes".

15. Paste them with a mayonnaise droplet.

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who did this? this is so nice

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