fruit and vegetable carving cucumber fly

Cucumber fish

1. Cut two thin slices from a cucumber.

2. Cut one slice into long strips.

3. Cut another slice across into two segments.

4. Cut a small slice from a radish (the fly's "tongue"). Lay it on a smaller segment of a cucumber as shown in the photo.

5. Lay strips from above ("paws").

6. Cover this with the bigger segment of the cucumber.

7. Cut a thin slice from a cucumber; cut it into two halves ("wings").

8. Lay the "wings" as shown in the photo.

9. Cut a thin segment from a cucumber circle.

10. Lay it with the cut downwards as shown in the photo. It is the fly's "proboscis".

11. Cut a black olive without a pit across into halves.

12. Lay these halves on the cucumber circles with the cut downwards. Insert corn kernels into the pit holes. These are "eyes".

13. Lay the "eyes" as shown in the photo.

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