Garden Décor: Ideas to Infuse Your Outdoor Spaces with Charm and Character

Garden Décor Ideas


There's no limit to the beautifying and relaxing abilities of great garden décor. A patio laid in fieldstone that borders a naturalized garden; a pathway made of old brick that meanders between flower beds accented by graceful garden statuary; a gazebo that anchors the center of a group of formal flowerbeds-all these and many more decorative nuances can transform your garden from ordinary to WOW!

For example, strategically placed garden lighting can bring your landscaping to life at night. Consider using tiny, clear string lights woven through tree branches to create a fairyland feel or pathway solar lights shaped like lanterns to lend an oriental touch.

Garden furniture is a huge element in garden décor design. Consider the different ways in which the silvery, natural tones of weathered teak benches or the deep red of a pair of Adirondack chairs would affect your garden's theme. Accessories are important, too: Incorporating stone or metal statuary, wind chimes, birdbaths and bird feeders into your garden design will give it a highly personalized feel.

While patios and other seating areas support congregating and socializing, support structures such as trellises and lattices, gates, benches and stone walls provide definition for your garden. And while there are no hard and fast rules for choosing and using the elements of your garden's décor, these are a few tips for experimenting with different décor scenarios:

A place for everything and everything in its best place: When laying out your flower beds and borders, keep garden accessories in mind. Will your stone bench work better in the midst of your rose beds or under a shade tree? Will your bronze armillary overpower the plants next to it? Should you buy an antique watering can to accent your wild-flower garden? By properly placing an object, you can avoid having it look as it if was placed randomly in the garden.

Create focal points by placing decorative elements or functional pieces where garden paths naturally conjoin or in areas where they are a good fit: A frog statue looks better by a pond than on the edge of a patio. Birdbaths can fit into a number of different areas, but benches and other garden seating work best when placed in shady areas with a pleasant view.

Avoid making your garden appear "junky": It is a better idea to use a few large décor objects such as a statue, fountain, sundial, armillary, stone benches and structures like gazebos and trellises rather than a large assortment of small garden objects, and keep both the size of your garden and plants in proportion with the chosen objects. 


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londonguide profile image

londonguide 8 years ago

Bookmarking this for my wife aka. my live in gardener....she'll love this.

Julie A. Johnson profile image

Julie A. Johnson 8 years ago from Duluth, MN

Some great ideas, thanks for posting and looking forward to more.

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