My Best Wishes to Everyone on the occasion of our Great Autumn Festival

Dear friends,

At the end of 'Durga puja' ,our biggest festival of the year, it is customary to send greetings to all our friends. I take the help of my 39th blog to convey my best wishes to all my friends in

When I look back to my relationship with hubpages, where I got myself 'enrolled' last year after Pujas, I feel very happy to be in this community.My points have varied between 91-95 during the last few months.Though I mostly wrote on a rather regional subject ....a niche in Bengal's culture and cultural tourism...I have been favoured by 3800+ viewership.

I have a few submissions to the Management of I ( and I am sure many others like me) would have enjoyed publishing hubs more if publishing photos would have been easier.The layout gives little option about writing photo-features. In, the latitude is more. Further, one can choose the colour of the font and background which makes the blog more attractive visually.

Since I post many photos , their appearance is of concern to me.The resolution is not upto the mark.

I do not understand the scoring mechanism fully, but, the constant display is very assuring ......and is of great help.

I look forward to a long association @

Best wishes.

Shyamal Chatterji


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