how to stop nail biting- a medicinal solution

A very very informative hub has already been posted by LHW on hub pages . I just wanted to add a practical solution to it.

As per LHW'S hub , nail biting is often

- a compulsive behaviour

- indicator of anxiety

- simply a habit that continues in to a viscious cycle

As a medical professional I have come across cases with parents coming with childrens having problem with continued thumb sucking till ages of 3 or 4 years. The parents have reported some innovative ideas like application of chilli powerd mixed in oil to the hand to get rid of this activity of thum sucking

so when a friend of mine complained of his wife having this problem of nail biting , i tried to use the same principle . however i did not suggest applying chilli powder!!!.. [ also this patient already was cleared by the psychiatrist]

I gave my friend a small amount of medicinal spirit and asked him to wet his wife's nails with spirit after each meal!

If anyone has tasted medicinal spirit he will immediately understand what i am saying. The medicinal spirit gives an awful taste, a rather very unpleasant sensation. also after drying off it lingers for a long time and requires a very vigrous cleaning with soap to get rid of it

Along with the taste there is this smell of spirit that makes one aware aware of its presence and thus patient avoids bringing the hand even close to mouth.

What about the safety?

Well medicinal spirit is just alcohol only it is quite concentraed-70% [ workers at medical instituets dilute it and drink it as a beverage... this is however not recomended!!!]

So tasting a little bit of this spirit does absolutely no harm.

How effective is the technique?

Well the cure rate as far as I am concerned is 100% coz I have treated just this one patient by this technique. Also being an orthopedic surgeon such patient rarely come to me. yet I will give this method another try whenever I will need it.

P.S. I will not recommend this technique for childrens... they might like the taste and demand for more!!!!

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