How to Enjoy Life Before It slips Away

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In today's life we can get consumed with many different activities that draw us away from what is really important. I know that everyone has to work, some two jobs to make ends meet. This is the way our society is leading us today. It's ironic because we work hard to get everything that we need or think we need in life, but then there is no time to enjoy them. If you are a parent, your children end up suffering the most. What we need to do is prioritize and take a close look at what we really need. Is it worth having a brand new car, the newest cell phone, or the complete cable package if your pulled out of your home to make the extra money needed to pay for it? You could be with your children or special friend or spouse and playing a board game, watching TV, going for a walk, or some bonding activity. The more things that we want to own or possess, are actually owning and possessing us. By the time that we work and take the time to maintain all of our possession there is no time left to enjoy them. We need to simplify our lives! What I did is that you stop and take a good look at your life. Look and see what is really important to you, like going to kids sporting events, or school events rather than having to work an extra job to have the best things.

I have been lucky as I have found out all of this. I am able to work from home and support my family and be with them. That was not always the case I worked 2-3 jobs to get us everything that I thought that we needed. In trade I missed a lot, like school plays, soccer, baseball, family parties, and things that I was able to attend I was to tired to be sociable. That's when I said what the heck am I doing! I found out that it was time to prioritize and make cuts in my lifestyle. This gave me the freedom to enjoy the simple but yet important things in my life. I found that I had created so much time that I was able to do a small business from home and build it into my main source of income and still leave me of time to do what I want.

I came upon an opportunity where I was able to work from home and it really changed my life. I work when and where I want and the income is unlimited. Oddly enough, when I cut back my lifestyle and made more time for my family, an opportunity opened for me to work from home and better my families lifestyle and not take up all of my time. It was a WIN-WIN situation!

I was Introduced to ITV Ventures and Mr. Donald Barrett, whose company ITV Direct, an infomercial company, had just launched a work from home business. This business concept was new to the industry and never tested, but the concept was amazing. He took his half a million dollar infomercial business and combined it with the Internet and a work from home component. This gave birth to ITV Ventures and this opportunity. Imagine a person watching an infomercial on TV then calls to order the product and thru the power of the Internet is actually calling you at your home to place their order. Now if that's not amazing I don't know what is! All I know that I was able to get back my time and all the things that we wanted and more.

Let me ask you one question. Would you like to simplify your life and make time to do what I have done? If your answer is "YES", just click on this link

Joe Hurley

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