How to invest in global stocks

Some-people are madly in love with some stocks.Even when such equities are on technical suspension,they still hold on to them.Thus,there is little or no returns on their investment.But in online investment,this is hardly the case.Investing online gives you the same opportunities that are available to the world's richest individuals such as Bill Gates,Warren Buffets,Roman Abrahamovics,Aliko Dangote and Oprah Winfrey.

In his book,The money masters,John Train describes Buffet as the one,who most perfectly understands,the companies he owns stocks in as business:living organisms,with hearts,bones,muscles,arteries and central nervous systems."It is madness,he would say,for any investor buying a stock to have anything else in mind than the operating realities of the underlying business:the condition of its plants,its customer and labour relations,its cash position,the amount of capital it has tied up-the animal reality of the enterprise."Train notes.

The forbes 400 has it that the collective net-worth of America's wealthiest individuals climbed from $290billion--$1.54trillion.A great percentage of this individuals,have companies that are listed either in the New York stock exchange,America stock exchange,or the National Association of Security Dealers Automated Quotation System.Most of these companies are said to be posting great returns on their investments due to suitable economic environment,strong currency and vibrant economy.Whoever invest in them,experts say,has a chance of reaping immensely from the dividend of his investment.

How to go about it?

For those who do not know how to go about investing in any of these companies,the first step is to learn through simulation.And the best simulation,is the Global Stock Game(GSG).To access this game you first start with popular search engine,Google,and type in Global Stock Game.My-stock page will be the first on the line.Click on the link,which will take you directly to the GSG.Then click on sign up.A page which will request some vital personal information from you will appear.

"After logging into your account with GSG,you are now ready to start placing trades with your fantasy portfolio of $100,000. So what do you need to? you start by investing in the shares of the companies that you want to trade in the real world to see how they will perform when you decide to start putting your hard earned cash. The stock symbol for Google is GOOG. yahoo! is YHOO while EBay is EBAY- you can get the symbol of any other company on "look" symbol.

Apart from GSG, there are some other online stock simulation games where you can learn and groom your skill on online stock trading till you will become an expert, such site include simustock,stocktrak.

If you want to go beyond simulation to real online investing the first step is to choose right broker, you can choose from full-service brokers such as Merrill Lynch, Salomon Brothers and Morgan Stanley. but these will cost you more ($50-$200 per trade).

You can also choose from self services brokers such as Charles schwab TD waterhouse and E trade. in this case, all you need are online tools as you can make your own decisions. their fee is lower between $12 and $50 per trade. Non frills brokers such as Datek and Ameri trade will reportedly provide you with the cheapest way to trade less than $15 per trade).

Any investors outside Europe and America can fund and receive their money in their respective countries when they trade in the global market. there are two options for those traders. First, you will need to open a domiciliary account with a local bank in your country whose parent body is in the United states and with the domiciliary account ,you will initiate a wire transfer in favour of the brokerage firm.

The second method, is through a Universally acceptable debit card called virtual money incorporated. with the card, you can request that cheques be issued on your behalf and sent to any address of your choice. it is said to be the only ATM stored value card that enable card-to-card, card-to-bank and card-to cheque funds movement worldwide. you can get details on how to acquire this card at

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