Superstitions: old wives tales, folklore, bizarre beliefs,taboos, omens, lucky & unlucky things


Origin of superstition

In ancient times, each superstition had a precise origin, cultural background and a simple, logical explanation. Superstitions were used as explanations for then supernatural things, such as thunder, volcanoes, lightning, birth or death.

At this time, the primitive man, knowing nothing about Nature, began to believe in the existence of invisible spirits, and started to adopt "magical" objects to protect themselves.

Humans used Mages as intercessors to read and interpreted the signs. Some of these Mages were attributed almost divine powers. Offerings and sacrifices were used to pacify the gods, please Nature, or get lucky. Thus, many of ordinary expressions eventually turned to magical formulas.

Wikipedia has some good definitions and old stories relating typical supersitions. Click here to read them.

Superstitions: old wives tales, folklore, bizarre beliefs,taboos, omens, lucky & unlucky things. Click here to read them.

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Nothing changed today: horseshoe, umbrella, black cat, crossed fingers, rainbow, number 13, many ordinary things are changed into extraordinary ones.

Skeptic and rational minded persons tell that superstitions are ridiculous and stupid! ". Well... then let me ask a few questions. As a kid, did you believe in Santa Claus, fairies, angels, God ? So, what now...? Still not superstitious ?

If you're a believer, a small, friendly warning to you. Don't blindnessly believe in everything.... Beware of those trying to simply profit from your fears...

Common Superstitions, Omens and Myths, click here to read them and to see a shop, click here

Yes, it is logical !

So yes, I think it is logical to be superstitious, as a part of the culture and history that our parents and grand parents told us, and of our country's legends. Moreover, some make us dreaming, whereas some other are terribly scary.

Believing moderately is a rather normal thing. It's in our genes, we are all looking for something and afraid of some other. We try to protect ourselves with an object or a formula. However, becoming dependent of Superstitions, and be scared by all of them is a psychological disease.

Here again, the secret is balance....

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