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Hi today I'm just writting about my newest website, Tell The Net. I just wanted a place where marketers like myself could go and place a free ad and also get educated on the latest marketing ideas out there. My site will also get your ad indexed on some major search engines which is a plus for any advertiser or marketer.

This will be something that I do on my spare time because I enjoy this so much. I enjoy helping people and watching them succeed and attain their goals. I love it when people become independent of corporate America. Why, Well unfortunately corporate America has turned its back on Americans and lives for the Almighty Buck! You have CEO's of big company getting millions of dollars in bonuses and incentives and in turn the workers get nothing but down sized right out his or her job or if your one of the lucky ones here is a .05Cent an hour raise. Please, I say Stick It!

A lot of big companies our going to Europe or Asia and leaving America not ot survive but just so that they can increase their profits. They don't care about the people here in America who are being put out of their jobs. Its all About the MONEY!

So I guess you know where I'm coming from and why I want to see the average American be able to break free of these Turn Coats/ Benedict Arnold's and make it on their own. Anyone who is willing to take that chance and break free will have my thoughts and prayers and assistance.

Thanks for listening to me vent, but what I said here is true! Come to and place your free ad and let us help you achieve your Goals. The site may not be at 100% function-able yet, but keep checking in and see whats going on, and feel free to leave a comment.


Joe Hurley

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