Life has two layers; the essential and the accidental. The accidental is born, lives and dies.

The essential is eternal, timeless; accidental is just accidental. We tend to get attached to the accidental and forget the essential. We get attached to money but money is accidental. We get attached to our house, car, spouse, children and relationships etc. these are all accidental. it has nothing essential in these. It is not our real being.

We create a world of illusions around us, we get attached to things which are not going to be with us when we die, and we go on identifying with things which are going to be taken away from us.

Only that which is eternal is true, only that which is going to be for ever and ever is true. That which is momentary is untrue and is not to be identified with but this is the whole game of life. Earth was there before we ever came here and this will be there when we are gone. The diamonds that we posses were there before we ever came here and when we are gone these diamonds will remain here—they will not even remember us. This game of possessiveness is the most foolish game there is. But this is the whole game.

The essential man is not a doer. The accidental man is a doer. The accidental man is, in anxiety, tension, stress and anguish, continuously sitting on a volcano—it can erupt any moment, because he lives in a world of uncertainty and believes as if it is certain. This creates tension in his being; he knows deep down that nothing is certain.

When things are no longer important, only consciousness becomes important. When things are no longer significant, a new search, a new door opens, then you are not rushing towards the without; you start slipping in to the within

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Tom Higgins profile image

Tom Higgins 9 years ago

This is such a big subject :)

gabriella05 profile image

gabriella05 9 years ago from Oldham

That is very true

Great hub

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