Looking good:What it entails

How do you feel ,whenever you take a look at your reflection? Do you feel bad or depressed in a mirror at what you see? Perhaps your looks are no longer what they use to be. If so, don't just brush your looks aside and conclude that old age is playing a great toll on you. Perhaps what you need is total reappraisal of your body and look at those part of your body that needs one or two magical touches to restore the vanished beauty.And that is what Fashion experts called Make-over.

Make-over is not a new word in the world of beauty.But for those who may be hearing it for the first time, make-over simply means, overhauling yourself for a new and better looking you. Loosing some extra weight and firming up some sagged areas of yours, so that you can have a youthful and a model contours is an example of the term Make-over.

Little wonder, lots of ladies amazingly discover that they stunning and even younger after having make-overs.So, what are those areas of yours that are screaming for Make-overs? Lets take them one after the other.


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    Face and skin

    Experts insist that you keep off bleaching creams if you have started noticing early wrinkles on your face.Use more of moisturisers that would protect your youthful natural colour."Remember that lots of good moisturisers contain a combination of natural licorice plant excrats and vitamin E that can render even your skin tone and still maintain theyouthful, natural colour you love".There are some moisturisers you can use that can refineand firm up your butts, thighs and hips, and leave your skin smooth and refreshed. So ladies what are you waiting for?.

    Hair:The natural crown on your head

    Remember, your hair is an integral part of you that can't be overlooked.Are you fond of wearing of wearing a particular hairdo?Try and be versatile. You can wear braids, afro, wigs, dreads, to mention but a few, to look different.Give plaiting your hair with thread and simple weaving like a school girl, a break for once.

    Nothing stops you from darkening your hair if you begin to have more grey hairs than your mother.Get the exact colour you want.There are several things you can do to keep your great new haircolour looking gorgeous for as long as possible.If you don't have time to re-do your roots every three weeks, then go for a hair colour that is only one to three shades lighter than your natural colour.This makes the roots less visible as they grow out, so you don't have to touch up so frequently.

    Watch your weight

    There is nothing wrong in being very plump and round but what i disagree with is being overweight and flabby.Another problem with overwight people is that most of them are clumsy and always suffer from inferiority complex.So why dont you shed that excess weight that could be bogging you down by firming up some sagged areas of your body and have that sexy, stunning look and that youthful model contours that will always captivate every heads.

    Wears and associate accessories

    Try to be a style icon by being creative in your choice of clothings and you don't have to be a millionaire to do this.You can start as from today, if your wardrobe is outdated, there is need to update it.How about your glass frames?Go for good and trendy ones.

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