many many happy returns of the day--sachin

24 APRIL 2008,

for the first time, I wished you so late!

For the first time, I am on my feet,

Yet the longing inside me doesn't end to meet!

I am still waiting for the day,

The day when thou will be with u to convey my ''hii!'

The day when someone's dream will be fulfilled,

That will be the day when I will be most thrilled!

You are a genius,

a superman, a star!

You are a legend,

Living legend for all!

You are Very diligent, hard working Mumbaikar,

But a true star for India --our Mother!

You are a class superior to all,

This is my request never let this attitude fall!

I wish you a very very happy day,

The day when Mrs Tendulkar gifted India with a star loved from Monday to Sunday!



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ratnaveera profile image

ratnaveera 8 years ago from Cumbum

Well ! I am also taking part to wish Sachin, The Great Cricket Star of India.

bhalla_neet profile image

bhalla_neet 8 years ago from Delhi Author

Yes Ratna, Sachin is the greatest cricketer this world has ever seen.

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