Master Cleansing

Master Cleansing Is a Safe And Effective Way To Supercharge Your Health

Master cleansing is a ten day detoxifying liquid diet, which helps to cleanse and flush a person's system. It removes toxic buildup and unhealthy substances from the body and makes a person feel more energized and healthier over all. During this process, the Master Cleanse diet also helps a person break their poor eating habits.

The master cleansing process is not just designed to cleanse and flush the body once. It is also designed in such a way that, by the end of the Master Cleanse, the majority of people will not want to pick up their old bad habits again.

During the Master Cleanse diet, the body is gradually drained of such habit forming substances as processed sugars, fats, greasy foods and caffeine, as well as a number of other things. Each person has their own particular favorite food substances. Depending on which foods a person chooses to indulge in before going on the Master Cleanse, the process will be slightly different for each individual. As the detoxifying begins, most people find that they do tend to crave their favorite foods.

However, it has been shown that usually, by the end of the ten day Master Cleanse diet, the majority of the people have become used to not eating any solid foods. As a result of this factor, it has been found that they do not, as a rule, immediately return to large portions or to unhealthy foods in general.

As a matter of fact, when people are first finishing the Master Cleanse, it is important that they deliberately ease off the Master Cleanse slowly with such things as soups and broths. The reason for this easing off process is that, during the time which they have spent on the Master Cleanse diet, the stomach has been shown to physically shrink. As a result, people are not physically capable of eating as much food. Also, by the end of the Master Cleanse, people themselves have become generally unaccustomed to eating solid foods. It can take anywhere from just a few days to a week or longer for a person to fully get themselves used to eating solid foods again at all, so they aren't likely to dive right back into eating processed, habit-forming substances.

Many people even find that, because they feel so clean and healthy after the Master Cleanse, it provides incentive for them to quit other bad habits, which are not food related. Such habits include smoking and drinking alcohol. People do not want to erase all their hard work by using such substances.

So, it has been proven that, not only are the initial detoxifying effects of the Master Cleanse diet useful, but that there are other wonderful effects that it causes that last far long after the Master Cleanse itself is over. The majority of people have been found to not only feel cleaner, but to be better, that is to be healthier, to have more energy and to have much better eating habits after their Master Cleanse experience than they did prior to their master cleansing experience.

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Humble Bee 9 years ago

Like the article mentions the Master Cleanser is a great way to kick bad food habits. From the cleanse you have a great jumping off point to transition into a new diet or what should be a lifestyle change. Here is a link to a list of Frequently Asked Master Cleanser Questions...

sonia 8 years ago

going to start tomorrow. hopefully i can last

Mama J 8 years ago

buying the book is a small price to pay for the wisdom given and a percentage of each sale goes to the widow of the author Stanley Burroughs.

creoletastie  8 years ago

started today... so far no so bad... but I can feel a lil headache coming on ... but Im good .... tonite at home wil lbe the true test around food

odessa allen 8 years ago

i am on day two. so far so good.

mj 8 years ago

i did the master cleanse for 8 days, sunday to sunday, and lost 12 lbs. i loved it. i did get bored because i simply had the desire to 'chew' something. the important thing is to keep up eating well and exercising after the diet ends. i have since gained back about seven lbs. so beware that it is just a fad. i am thinking about doing it again to get the few lbs off again, but am currently looking into other ways to keep it off for good.

sylvia 8 years ago

i am planing to do this diet can any bodu suggest me the optin of maple syrup like honey

Maddie Ruud profile image

Maddie Ruud 8 years ago from Oakland, CA

Actually, there is no peer-reviewed scientific evidence that this plan actually has any health benefits at all, and the guy who created it was convicted for practicing medicine without a license. See for more info.

SirDent 8 years ago

Although this is a different type product, I talked to a doctor about colon flushing products which are out right now. he told me that they may work, but they will also flush out the good bacteria and such that is needed. I would make sure and talk to a doctor beofre trying anything like this.

BIGDAWGDAD 8 years ago


paradise 8 years ago

Ive been on for 5 days now.. So far so good!!YAY.. I use the tea as if this was the best meal ever. You learn to appreciate food in a different fashion. Hopefully by day 10 I have a much healthier mind set for a brand new diet. Ive lost so far 9bls and feel good. I still excersise because I am afraid of muscle lost, which I have not clue if it will happen or not, just incase. Thanks

lemon juice cleanse 7 years ago

you must to do it

lemon juice cleanse 7 years ago

you must to do it

GypsyG 7 years ago

I am using organic agave syrup instead of grade b maple syrup

Erica 7 years ago

Today is my third day on the master cleanse. I smoke cigarettes and have not stopped. I had a handful of Whole Foods gummy bears the first night and a bowl of miso soup last night because stupid me drank a vodka soda. I hope I haven't screwed this whole thing up already...I am only going to drink the lemonade for eight days.

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