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Nick Maceus, B.A., M.A, J.D., has already accomplished many impressive achievements in his young life. At the age of 17, Nick Maceus attended the University of Florida on a Florida Bright Futures Scholarship. Maceus finished his B.A. in Business Administration (with a minor in Economics) in only two years, graduating college at the age of 19. Continuing his education, at the age of 21 Nick Maceus moved to Washington, D.C., where he attended George Washington University Law School, and completing his Juris Doctorate, which he received at 24. Still thirsty for more knowledge, Nick Maceus then moved north to Boston, where he attended Harvard University to study Government and History. Nick Maceus graduated from Harvard in June of 2008 as the year's youngest Master's graduate. Nick Maceus graduated on the Dean's List for Academic Achievement with an impressive 3.65 grade point average.

Though he has spent most of his adult life at one university or another, Nick Maceus has still found time to work, participate in professional and scholarly associations, play sports for university teams, and even volunteer for various charitable causes - all while maintaining a high GPA. Nick Maceus' first professional job was at SFX Sports Group in Washington, DC, which he attended while working towards his law degree at George Washington University. SFX is a sports public relations firm which promotes over 600 professional athletes and sporting events. At SFX, Nick Maceus was entrusted with a wide variety of tasks, including preparing proposals for prospective event sponsors, writing and editing and researching information for press releases, performing business category analysis, updating client marketing information, and even contributing to the SFX newsletter.

After moving to M.A. to attend Harvard University, Nick Maceus accepted a position with Merrimack Valley Legal Services in Lowell, MA. At Merrimack Valley, Nick Maceus worked as an attorney, responsible for large quantities of legal research, including verifying jurisdictions, cite checking, and general legal research and analysis in the Family Law category. He also drafted legal documents such as pleadings and case summary memorandum.

Nick Maceus
Nick Maceus

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