Homeopathic Treatment: a Miracle!

Homeopathic Pills: A Miracle!

Homoeopathy, today known as a fast emerging alternative system of medicine is founded or discovered by a mastermind, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann. Its discovery dates back to 1790, more than 200 years ago.

How was it discovered? Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, himself being a modern medical (allopathic) practitioner, came across a principle of nature while studying the effects of certain agents on human beings. He found that the agent that is capable of producing morbid changes in an individual is capable of curing the same, that is; the drug substance, which produces a state of disease in an individual, cures the same disease if modified in a certain way. Thus after many years of thorough research, he founded a principle – Similia similibus curantur, i.e., let likes be treated by likes. In short, Homoeopathy implies a certain way of applying drugs to diseases according to this specific principle.

What is disease? In this system of medicine, one of the major rules is, each disease is a combination of certain symptoms, which vary from person to person depending on individual response to the disease force. So, there cannot be a single drug to treat diseases of different individuals. For example, if two people are having cold, both will have a different set of symptoms. One may have running nose, the other may have stuffiness with excessive sneezing. Then, how can the medicines be same in both the cases? They have to differ. Here emerges the concept of vital force in Homoeopathy.

What is Vital force? Dr. Hahnemann, in his Organon of Philosophy defines vital force as- in the healthy condition of man; there is a spirit like vital force, the dynamis that animates the material body. It rules with unbounded sway and retains all the parts of the organism in admirable harmonious vital operation as regards both sensations and functions, so that our indwelling, reason gifted mind can freely employ this living healthy instrument for the higher purposes of our existence. This was the first explanation to the medical world of the rational concept of life itself.

Trinity of life – We recognize life in three parts- body, mind and spirit. This is called trinity of life. These forces react in sympathy and are interdependent. No organ, no tissue, no cell, no molecule is independent of the activity of the others but the life of each one of these elements is merged into the life of the whole. The unit of human life cannot be an organ, the tissue, the cell, an atom but the whole organism, the whole man. Each one possesses a special personality and a special psychophysical construction, which is determined by the interplay of hereditary tendencies and factors of disease. So, it is the vital force of the person that is to be treated to bring back normalcy.

How cure takes place? When a medicine is administered on the basis of accurate similarity of the symptoms, it affects the vital force through the medium of nerves and thus produces a similar but stronger disease against the existing one. This medicinal disease expels the natural disease depending on the law of similar. But the medicinal disease grows weak faster because of minuteness or subtleness of the dose of medicine. As there is similar relation between the drug and the disease, vital force employs its increased energy to extinct the medicinal disease. So, the person regains health. This whole process though sounds complicated, is very effective to treat the diseases softly, without any side effects.

What is totality of symptoms? Always before treating any disease, a Homoeopathic physician takes into account a set of symptoms that is called totality of symptoms. It includes causative factors of the disease, the physical and more importantly the mental symptoms, the factors which aggravate or relieve the symptoms, any other disease present along with the existing one and many other factors. This makes the Homoeopathic case taking a lengthy process but in the end it is all worthwhile. Rather, many patients tell us that it has got a cathartic effect on them as everybody wants a listening ear with patience.

This was in brief the introduction to Homoeopathy and it’s few of the basics. Let us be devotees of Homoeopathy and master our bodily equilibrium! 

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